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Nokia Lumia 820 (White)

Nokia Lumia 820 (White)

Product Specifications
Brand Nokia
Model Lumia 820
Operating System Windows
Internal Memory 8.0 GB
Color White
Display Size 4.3 inches
Primary Camera Resolution 8.0 megapixels
SIM Type Smartphone

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Nokia's Days are Not Going to End So Soon!! 14 May, 2014 On
    I was Using this Phone For past few months,When i switched(i do it frequently) to Moto G i handed over it to my younger brother.From then on he is using it,back then he was really irritated with the windows 8 platform since there was not much apps for it,
    But Gradually it Gathered it all and almost all premium and daily used apps started to show up.but it doesn't end there"Then there comes the Windows 8.1"
    He Updated it and it becomes Really beautiful and Wonderful in all ways,its Ui,apps,Notification Center Etc,They are Making it beautiful and user friendly day by day.
    The Plus Points Of this Device are
    1.Great Os
    2.Super Camera("Oh Boy I'm a Fan of it")
    3.supports Micro SD Card
    4.replaceable Back Panel
    5.Wireless Charging Capability,NFC
    6.Great Build And Design("That's We all know about Nokia")
    7.Great Battery Backup..etc
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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