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Nokia Lumia 925 (White)

Nokia Lumia 925 (White)

Product Specifications
Brand Nokia
Model Lumia 925
Operating System Windows Phone
Internal Memory 16.0 GB
Color White
Display Size 4.5 inches
Primary Camera Resolution 8.7 megapixels
SIM Type Smartphone
Cash on Delivery eligible
Dispatched within 2 days
Delivered only in Bangalore
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Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars
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  1.  good smart phone but priced more... 18 January, 2014 On
    The following review is my own personal opinion, a normal smart phone user who plays only when bored and surfs net only when phone is the only choice and talks for not more than 2 hours a day cumulatively in phone.

    I have been using this phone for past 2 months.

    i feel 4.5 inch size is the best for a phone since it fits the packet easily and i dont feel it uncomfortable while sitting with the phone inside my pant pocket.
    334ppi looks normal for a 4.5 inch screen but enough for normal reading.
    AMOLED screen is really good since i can feel the difference between it and lumia 920.
    touch is really fluidic.
    sunlight readability is too good.

    build quality:
    It is very light weight for the features it has. To make it look thinner they ve reduced the width but the lens in the camera is extended at the back which is vulnerable to scratches when u keep the phones on the desk or anywhere. aluminium finish gives a different look from other lumia phones.

    It is good with 1gb ram but it heats up a lot for normal use like camera. since aluminium is a good conductor of heat, its uncomfortable to hold it in our hands.
    so games like temple run 2 smoothly works but again heat is emanated very much.
    even if its dual core its more than enough for a smooth parallel operations in windows os. It doesnt lag anywhere which i have experienced in some samsung phones.

    16gb internal memory is good since whatever apps we install, it is installed in internal memory only in any phone. so no use of external memory except to have photos or songs. lumia 925 has 7gb storage in skydrive which can be used to store this reduces considerably the effect of non availability of extendable external storage in the phone.

    camera is really an amazing feature in the phone with 8.7 mp primary camera. i am not good in taking photos but even my photos of nature looks so beautiful that can be kept as a lock screen in the phone. 1.2 mp front camera is more than enough since it is not used much by the users.

    nokia support is pretty much good and improving a lot with the apps and games.
    updates are recently released to lock the auto rotation of screen.
    but the basic feature of the history of call from a particular number is missing in lumia phones. they must change that as soon as possible. here maps are superb and the offline navigation stands out when compared to android phones which heavily relies on online google maps

    It is really bad since 2000mah battery is not enough for a phone which runs on lot of features like lumia 925. it drains out so fast and a portable charger is a compulsory accessory if we are carrying it for a long journey. even for a very moderate 2g net usage it drains out in 5 hours.

    overall i ll give 3.5 out of 5 in star rating.
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  2.  Excellent battery back up 6 May, 2015 On
    My friend used this phone for months and he says that with a 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery you can work almost for an entire day without charging, I think the Nokia Lumia 925 is perfect for those on the move and cannot charge their phone often. Personally, I found the battery backup better than other phones. Like most Nokia phones, the camera too is amazing with a wide angle view, 8.7 mega pixel camera, amoled screen. The pictures come out really awesome in this phone. Whether its performance, display or pictures I feel this phone lives up to expectations, however, keep in mind that it is a Windows Phone. So if you expect features that you see in other android phones like apps etc then you may be disappointed. Even the memory is not expandable. But if you go on the merit of just this phone it delivers almost on all counts.

    (The above is a review by a verified owner, Akash, who has posted an ad on, for this product)
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  3. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Nokia Lumia 925 4 September, 2013 On
    one of the best model what i expected.
    terrific quality of camera as well as feature given.
    according to my believe one of the expectation can in touch with this mobile.
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  4.  good perfirmance 6 April, 2014 On
    it is a great mobile phone . i would like to mobile phones .this website is very safe for purchasing . camera is 8 mp so its camera is very powerfull, and it is afull HD dispaly .it has a very big internal memory. camera flash is duel led it isa very good clarity give to camera on night
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