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Norpro Stoneware Butter Keeper

Norpro Stoneware Butter Keeper

Brand Norpro
Model Number 284
Colour Brown
Material Stoneware
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Overview: Norpro Stoneware Butter Keeper

If we keep the butter in the refrigerator, it gets frozen and becomes difficult to spread on a slice of bread. It also tastes like a leftover. However, if we kept it on the counter in the open air, it becomes rancid in a few days. So, what should we do to keep it fresh and at the same time ready to eat? The answer is 'Norpro Stoneware Butter Keeper'. With this butter keeper, you can store a cube of butter for a long time without getting it spoilt.

Keep The Butter Fresh

While storing butter, it also depends on the material that the butter keeper is made of that will keep the butter fresh. This butter keeper is made up of glazed stoneware and is capable of storing butter and keeping it fresh even without refrigeration. The glazed stoneware maintains a cold temperature for the butter inside the container. You can keep one whole cube of butter in this butter keeper, and it will keep the butter fresh for the next 30 days. So, for the next one month, you can relish the taste of fresh butter spread on your toasts. Unlike the ones stored in the refrigerator, the butter stored in this butter keeper is soft, sweet, and easily spreadable. You no longer have to bother about both keeping it fresh and making the butter soft before spreading on the bread.

Mechanism To Keep The Butter Fresh

Keep an inch of water in the base of the 'Norpro Stoneware Butter Keeper' before you store butter in it. The water seals out the air inside the butter and thus keeps it soft and fresh for a long time of almost a month. The butter keeper is recommended to be hand-washed.

Lightweight Body

The butter keeper has a lightweight body and a compact size. It also has an elegant look that enhances the charm of your kitchen platform. It has an easily portable body and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. To avoid further spoilage of butter, order online for the product and get it delivered at your door step.

Features: Norpro Stoneware Butter Keeper

  • Stoneware butter keeper It keeps butter fresh for 30 days without refrigeration Just put an inch of cool water in the base It can Hold up to 1 cube of butter Designed with a blue
  • Hand washing recommended
  • Product dimensions Diameter x Height 8.89 x 10.16 cm
Product Details
Manufacturer Salar Online Inc
Manufacturer Part Number ZSALMYYAY1857
Brand Norpro
Model Number 284
Colour Brown
Material Stoneware
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 500 grams
Product Dimensions 9 cm x 9 cm x 10.2 cm

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  1.  Wonderful idea !! 16 September, 2013 On
    This is a wonderful idea for storing butter. I was not sure this concept of storing butter would work in India - but hey, it works much better than I expected. We were really tired of waiting for the frozen butter to thaw before using it; or simply going ahead with hard butter anyways. This butter bell helps to store butter outside the fridge at room temperature without letting it turn rancid. All we now need to do is change the water every 3-4 days in the butter keeper and viola -- fresh 'spreadable' butter is available whenever we need it. I am very very happy with this purchase. I would have liked it to be a bit more aesthetically pleasing,but that really is not a review-breaker. For the price, this is a keeper. I plan to buy another spare one to alternate when one goes for washing. Thanks to zansaar for these imported items. ..
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