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Norton Mobile Security For Android Mobiles

Norton Mobile Security For Android Mobiles

Operating System Windows
Media Format CD-ROM
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Product Description

Smartphones have revolutionised communication today. Till a few years ago, there were only limited ways in which we could communicate with our loved ones who were residing in distant locations. Mobile phones turned out to be a revolution in the communication sector as they allowed instantaneous communication through calling and texting. Chats became popular with users all across the globe for the same reason. However, Smartphones completely changed the way communication was done for years as they brought with them the freedom to use a variety of channels for communications. From instant messaging to video chats, Smartphones offer a whole lot of applications, some of which were beyond our imagination till a few years ago. Most smartphone users will vouch for the fact that mobile applications are a blessing. They help us in performing most of our day to day functions. From managing our schedules, to keeping us up to date on current affairs to providing new forms of entertainment, mobile applications are a must have for every Smartphone user. These web applications are available for download on the Internet and all Smartphone users go to an online store to pick these applications up for their devices. However, there is a danger lurking behind all these functions. The Internet is a public place where anyone can upload or download anything. There are good chances that while downloading software or mobile applications, malware or adware could find its way into your device. The best way to protect your device is to install a highly powerful antivirus software in your mobile phone which can fight off harmful viruses and keep your device up and running for a longer time.

Norton is one of the most reputed names in the field of software security. Norton antivirus softwares were available for personal computer systems. Now Symnatec, the creator of Norton, offers you the same level of protection and security for your mobile phone with the Norton Mobile Security. By installing this software in your mobile phone, you can prevent any kind of malware and virus threats that your mobile phone may experience. You can easily download movies, music and image files from the Internet without worrying about damage due to viruses or unwanted software. Most smartphone owners experience corruption of files or slow speed in processing because of the lack of a proper antivirus in their mobile phone systems. However, with Norton Mobile Security, you can relax and download anything you want to easily without any kind of worry. So get yourself the security of Norton and give your phone a long life with the security of this high performance security software.

About the Manufacturer

The Norton Mobile Security is brought to you by Norton, which has been developed by the Symantec Corporation. Nortion AntiVirus provides protection against malware, virus attacks, phishing and e-mail spam filtering.

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Product Details
Manufacturer Norton
Brand Norton
Operating System Windows
Media Format CD-ROM
Hardware Platform Pc

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