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Nourish Body & Bath Clay O Patra Multani Mitti Body Bar, 100 g Multani Mitti Body Bar

Nourish Body & Bath Clay O Patra Multani Mitti Body Bar, 100 g Multani Mitti Body Bar

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Overview: Nourish Body & Bath Clay O Patra Multani Mitti Body Bar

Regular soaps may not provide you complete the necessary moisture to your skin. Try this Nourish Body and Bath Clay O Patra Multani Mitti Body Bar that offers your skin complete nourishment and moisture and pampers your skin. This body bar will provide your body bar contains Patra Multani Mitti that offers you clear complexion.

Natural Ingredients To Smooth Your Skin

This body bar has all the natural ingredients that ensure to smooth your skin and moisturiser them completely. Ingredients such as clay minerals that provide all the necessary minerals to your body and make it look lively. This body also has extracts of Olive, Coconut, Castor and Lavender oil. Olive oil makes your skin soft and smooth whereas the coconut oil will help in reducing body tan and the marks on your body. The castor oil is thick and helps in lighting body marks and also provides maximum nourishment to your skin. And the extract of lavender oil is used to give this soap a natural light fragrance and also supple your skin. As this soap is chemical free and it is a hand crafted soap bar that contains natural fragrances and qualities. These ingredients offer your skin freshness and also helps in reducing dead skin cells, blackheads and also works wonderfully on acne and acne marks removal. This soap is ideal for both body and face and regular use can give you a better result.

Refresh And Rejuvenate Your Skin

Pollution has drastically increased today, it is important to protect your skin more and use products that supplies regular moisture and maintain the good health of your skin. Regular use of this body bar can help you refresh your tired looking skin. For better results, you can compliment your skin with good body lotions and sunscreens. This health- related products will let you maintain the good health of your skin for long.

Advantages Of Multani Mitti

As this soap has main contains a large amount of Multani Mitti also known as Fuller's Earth, has many good qualities that protects your skin. Regular use of Multani Mitti can help you fight against acne and acne scars. A face pack of Multani Mitti can give you a glowing skin. If you have an oily skin, Multani Mitti is considered to be very effective as it helps in controlling the oil balance on your skin and at same time protects your skin from over drying. If you have a black head or white heads problems, try using this Multani Mitti on a regular base for better results. Multani Mitti also helps in reducing scar marks and gives you clean and clear complexion. What more are you thinking before placing an order for this Nourish Body and Bath Clay O Patra Multani Mitti Body Bar? Unlike other soaps, this body bar will stay for a longer time and is also chemical free. You can shop this body bar online from At same time, you check the other health care products that are offered by many online and offline sellers.

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Brand Nourish Body & Bath

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  1.  Clay O Patra: Soap by Nourish 24 January, 2014 On
    I have always enjoyed using soaps by Nourish as they come in different shapes and rather eccentric designs.
    Like they have one designed like a denture in a transparent outer.
    And one that the one which has four ice cream cones in it
    Though, somewhat expensive, vis-à-vis most ordinary soaps in the Indian Market, they are still priced much lower than similar products.
    Though I am a shower gel type of a person (for reasons of hygiene) I do use soaps sporadically and this one from Nourish made from Multa Ni Mati (or fine clay, Indian Fullers earth) seems just fine.
    This one makes for a great bathing experience as it’s gritty and acts like a scrub and refreshing especially in summer, as it has a cooling effect.
    You might want to limit its use in winter or monsoon.
    I would avoid using this soap on the face though as it has a coarse feel to it.
    My wife also sometimes uses Multa Ni Maati in a raw form for facials once in a while and is very effective but rather messy.
    The after smell of this soap is very earthy (the aroma in the bathroom lingers on long after your bath) and is a welcome change from the fruit like (mostly synthetic) shower gels available in the market.
    When the soap is down to its last portion, it starts becoming semi-solid and one has to actually scrape the portions out from the soap-dish.
    Though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea I personally liked this product that was so much Indian in its content.
    Other products by this company are great looking and add a dash of humour to a bathing experience and never fail to raise a comment from visitors, when placed in a guest’s bathroom.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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