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Nova NHT 1047 BL Cordless Trimmer (Black)

Nova NHT 1047 BL Cordless Trimmer (Black)

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Overview: Nova Nht 1047 Bl Cordless Trimmer

If you want to save your precious time and style your beard at a faster pace, then you can check out this cordless trimmer from the house of Nova. Now you can look stylish as much as you want and get the desired look within just a few moments. This trimmer encourages you to experiment with your looks and step out in confidence. Here is your chance to shop online for Nova NHT 1047 BL black trimmer for men and make a meaningful purchase. Let us look closely at the special features of this product that make it an excellent choice to be bought online.

Product Description

This trimmer for men is presented to you by the brand Nova that excels in manufacturing electronic products and delivers optimal amount of satisfaction to its highly esteemed customers. The trimmer comes in an ergonomic design that has been especially crafted for your convenience. It comes in a striking combination of black and silver shades that gives it a highly sophisticated appearance. The trimmer is elongated in shape that has a black outer panel on one side. The trademark logo of Nova can be found onto the black surface etched with a white colour that is conspicuously visible. On the upper portion of the trimmer, there is a slot for attaching a moveable head. Two detachable heads are included with this product that has been provided for your ease. These heads feature sharp blades that can be used for trimming your beard. Cutter block blades make sure that you get a flawless trimming experience. They are very skin-friendly and are ideal to be used by men belonging to any age group. The blades adjust according to your face and the amount of pressure is applied in order to ensure that you get the desired look. On the side of the trimmer, the switch for operating it can be found. The ultramodern and sleek look of the trimmer is sure to make a great impression on you. The dazzling amalgamation of black and silver shades adds a dash of sophistication to the product. Besides the two blades, there is a brush, a travelling pouch, aftershave spray, lubricant oil for the trimmer, a comb and a pair of scissors.


This NHT 1047 BL black trimmer is a utilitarian and must buy item that every man wants to have in his closet. It not only saves your precious time while you are getting ready for office but is also portable in nature. This trimmer lets you get rid of the desired amount of beard and offers you with an entirely new appearance. It requires only one AA sized rechargeable battery in order to deliver seamless function. It requires 130-240 Volts power to work and needs 60 minutes to get recharged completely. Being portable in nature, you can carry this Nova trimmer to holiday trips or long journeys along with you. It proves to be particularly beneficial when you travel to places that have sparse water supply or have temperatures that are drastically low. All you need is an AA sized fully charged battery and your trimmer will deliver you a flawless performance every time. It comes in such a convenient shape and design with rounded edges that you can easily slide it into a corner of your luggage. The aftershave that has been included is meant to offer a refreshed feeling after you are done trimming your beard. You can put the trimmer inside the given pouch bag that has been included in the product.

Key Highlights

Stylish design

Combination of black and silver colours

Cutter block blades

Detachable head

Operates on one AA rechargeable battery

Care and Maintenance

If you want this Nova black trimmer for men to last for several years, you must take adequate care of it. There is a soft cleaning brush that comes with this product which has been provided in order to let you clean it periodically. After trimming your beard, you can use the brush to clean the tiny bits of hair that are likely to stick to the minute perforations of the ultra track blades. The lubricant has been given so that the blades function properly and are able to offer a high class performance. You can also sanitise the blades with an antiseptic that will prevent the growth of any infections on your skin. Wipe the external surface of the trimmer with a piece of clean cotton cloth in order to keep it in a brand new condition and maintain its original sheen. You must make sure that dust particles do not settle down on the blades that can disrupt their smooth functioning. So what are you waiting for? Buy Nova NHT 1047 BL black trimmer for men online today from the comfort of your home!

Product Details
Brand Nova

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