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Nova 401 Chargeable Trimmer For Men

Nova 401 Chargeable Trimmer For Men

Target Gender Male
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Overview: Nova 401 Chargeable Trimmer For Men

Gone are days when people used razors and blades to shave. Nowadays, people are found using trimmers to shave the extra hair from their body. Nova is a brand which brings you an amazing product that will help you shave in no time. Let us check out the features of this trimmer which will help you make the purchase.

Design and Style

The trimmer is brought to you by the brand Nova. The trimmer comes in a white colour base along with blue stripes on its sides. This combination of colours renders a stylish look to the trimmer. It has a very light weight. If you have any kind of occasion to attend like a corporate meeting or a wedding invitation for which you have to travel quite far, buy online Nova 401 Chargeable Trimmer For Men and help yourself by getting a classic look in no time. You do not have to depend on any salon and get your desired look within seconds. If you do not have much time in your hand where you can visit a salon and get your hair or beard trimmed you can do it all by yourself. Be it a French Beard or just a hair cut, you can get it all done by using the trimmer.

User Friendly Product

Using this trimmer is very easy. If you find any problem while operating it, you can refer to the user manual guide provided with the package. The instructions and precautions are clearly mentioned in the manual which will help you to use the product with ease. The Nova Chargeable Trimmer comes with a charger. You need to charge the trimmer for a period of 10 hours which will provide you sufficient usage time. The usage time is enough for you to complete your shaving purposes. If you are travelling, do not forget to carry your charger. You can now experiment different hair styles too by using this trimmer. Is your anniversary heading near? Are you still wondering what can make an ideal gift for your husband? Think no more just shop online Nova 401 Chargeable Trimmer For Men and be sure that he will be extremely happy after receiving this gift. With this product, now you can save much of your time. Within 5 minutes all your extra hair can be trimmed. The trimmer is so handy that you can fit it inside your luggage without a glitch. It can be carried anywhere without thinking twice about its weight.

About The Brand

Nova is a label which has secured its position as one of the top brands producing electronic products in today's world. They manufacture various products. Out of the lot, this new range of trimmers has attracted the attention of its customers. If you buy this trimmer from Nova, you will not be disappointed. If you face any problem with the product call up the company and they will provide you with proper solutions. The representatives of the company are very friendly and they will look in to all your queries. They are just a call away.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining the trimmer is very easy. When not in use you must keep the trimmer inside a box. This will prevent dust from resting on its surface. It is very important to wipe the trimmer at regular intervals. Do not forget to wipe out all the extra hair clinging to the trimmer after every use. This will increase the longevity of the product.

Key Features

Compact size

White and blue in colour


Product Details
Brand Nova
Target Gender Male

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