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Nova Combo Of Roti Maker Atta Maker And Casserole

Nova Combo Of Roti Maker Atta Maker And Casserole

Brand Nova
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Overview: Nova Combo Of Roti Maker Atta Maker And Casserole

If you are a working woman and looking for a smart solution to prepare many rotis at a  time and to keep your roti in a proper way for hours, then check out this smart pack of roti maker and atta maker.  As most of the women spend their valuable time in the process of making rotis, the expert designers from Nova brings you their unique and useful range of roti maker and casrol, to make this job easier.

The roti maker

This premium quality roti maker helps the user to prepare light and round chapattis easily. The smart design of this non stick roti maker helps the user to prepare many rotis in a short time. Now with this specially designed roti maker the rigorous task of roti making has been eliminated. The non stick surface of this durable roti maker helps the user to place the dough properly and it also prevents the possibility of sticking. Here the designers have included  a handle which enables the user to operate the roti maker comfortably. The smart design of this roti maker facilitates the user to make thin and puffed rotis in a short time with less effort. The user needs to place the dough in the non stick surface of this roti maker and press the the lid down on the dough to shape it. The handle of this roti maker will assist the user to do the task easily.

Atta Maker

This set includes a premium quality atta maker. If you want to eat delicious, soft rotis, then you need to knead the atta properly. The quality of the atta making will decide the taste and size of the rotis. Kneading the dough is one of the most rigorous tasks for everyone and to reduce the load of kneading one can use this specially designed atta maker from Nova. Now simply add the dough, water or oil in it and turn the knob. This device will knead the dough in a short time. Along with this, it will also enhance the quality of the dough which will prepare excellent chapattis. The simple and smart process of atta making process of this atta maker will make your task of kneading the dough much easier and less complicated. If you are preparing rotis for the first time and find the task of kneading the dough a little difficult. This atta maker of Nova proves to be quite helpful for you. This atta maker is user friendly which means  that a novice as well as an experienced cook can use this product comfortably.  By using this product, you can make parathas, rotis as per your requirement. If you are arranging a party at your home and want to make many rotis at a  time, then this atta maker is the right one for you.


If you are looking for a smart solution to keep your cooked dishes or rotis to keep hot and fresh for hours, then check out this specially designed casrol for you. The special coating inside this beautiful and stylish casrol will ensures that you need not to heat your rotis frequently. The unique locking system of this castol protects the your food from air, water or dust.  Once the food items or rotis are prepared, simply keep them inside this casrol and enjoy fresh food every time. This casrol requires minimum maintenance. If you are travelling and want to enjoy fresh and home made food while travelling, then keep the cooked food in it and enjoy hot and fresh food every time.

How to maintain

The maintenance of this set is quite simple. While using the atta and roti maker, carefully follow the instruction manual. To avoid accidents while making the dough or roti, you need to use the handles. To maintain the casrol, use soft, dry cotton cloth to wipe water or dust. Keep the plastic casrol away from fire and electric to avoid accident or damages. Clean the casrol with mild liquid dish wash. If you want to get this high quality set of atta, roti maker and casrol, buy Roti and atta maker with casrol online.

Special Features

This set includes on atta maker

The roti maker of this set is non stick and makes perfect and many rotis

The designers have included handle to the roti maker

The casrol is lightweight and keep your cooked food hot and fresh for hours

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Brand Nova

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