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Nova Electric Hair & Beard Trimmer [CLONE]

Nova Electric Hair & Beard Trimmer [CLONE]

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Product Description

nova has introduced the very efficient hair and beard trimmer which is the perfect way to trim the extra hair on your head and face. If you are looking for the macho unshaven look yet require to be well groomed for work then this is the best product to give you a taste of both worlds. The product is actually comprised of 2 parts of which one is meant for the hair and the other is meant for trimming the beard. Trimming your hair too has now become an easier affair with the product because it is as easy as plugging in the product and using it to trim those pesky locks of hair that you do not require. You can always experiment with different styles if you have the knack for cutting hair. All the product needs is to be connected to a working electrical port and then the world of hairstyles and beard styles are at your feet. There is an on and off button on the device allowing you easy access to the flow of current through the device.

The product has a plastic look and feel, while being heavy in hand owing to the fact of the machine inside. The beard trimmer looks exactly like any other mechanized blade and has basically the same functions but the smoothness of the engine that runs the trimmer is just something special and no other product can be compared to this exceptional device. It is always ideal to use the beard trimmer if you are a person who relishes a thickset beard. That way you can experiment with a variety of different styles all of which the beard trimmer can pull off easily. It is a very handy gadget when a quick shave is required as well as no manual labour is required. While using this beard trimmer there is no fear of getting cut with the blade as the main blade is covered by a plastic outer layer which facilitates a better shave.

The hair trimmer has almost all the same functions as the beard trimmer with the exception that it is a lot less heavy. Though it is a separate entity it must be attached to the original mechanism in order to work so both the devices work hand in hand to give you a better cut and shave.

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Nova is a gadgets manufacturing company that specializes in household and toiletries gadgets. Most of the products manufactured by nova tend to be simple yet elegant providing the best of service when used. Nova is a much recent company compared to many other organizations yet the products they provide are not defective in any way. On the contrary the products that nova provides are up to the mark and match the standards of many gadget giants in the market today. The nova electrical hair and beard trimmer is available exclusively on so hurry before the stock runs out. brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

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