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Nova Electric Meat Grinder - Can Also Make Noodles & Pasta - Now with Various Cutting Plates
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Nova Electric Meat Grinder - Can Also Make Noodles & Pasta - Now with Various Cutting Plates

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Product Description

It seems unhygienic to buy chopped meat fro store but there was no other choice but now with Nova's Meat grinder you can chop the meat at home. With the Nova's Meat grinder you can chop the meat as your wish and you can get the size of pieces as per your wish. Meat grinder gives you the power to cut the pieces as per your desire. If you have big meat pieces then you can chop them, now one does not need to give the meat pieces to the butcher for getting chopped. Mat grinders are perfect to chop the meat, it keeps your hands free from holding and chopping.

Nova is a famous brand, that produces several high class brands with amazing features and smashing look. It deals in several electronic products that have high quality. It has been working in this area from several years that let's to decrease the cost of the product. Every time you will find a new feature in the product that makes it different from others. It offers exclusive features at the affordable prices, which could be used for several years. Products of Nova will never let you feel down or disappointed. Its quality features has given good place in the market. Nova has always been ready to serve the market with its amazing and innovative products. It has made a new product that will let you enjoy several benefits and you can make different things by using one product- NOVA Durable Electric Grinder.

NOVA Durable Electric Grinder has been specially design to help you in making several things at home easily. With this meat grinder you can efficiently grind the meat into extremely small pieces to semi sized pieces. Now, you can chop the meat as per your desire and need at home in front of your eyes. Several recipes can prepared from shami kabab to boti kabab or you can cut pieces for preparing grilled meat. So, enjoy barbeque at your home with NOVA Durable Electric Grinder. This will suit best to the industrial chef or profeesional chef who need to chop meat daily. For restaurants it will be a better option, as they have prepare several meals and different requirements. If you are chef then you will love this product as it will help you in multiple ways. Nova's meat grinder is made up of stainless steel gaht keeps you free from problem of rust. Being in use it will get in contact of water and liquid but you need to worry because it is made up with stainless steel and aluminum. If you are using it at home also then too you are not required to get worried about it, it can be stored for longer period without having any rust or you can also keep it in kitchen as it has good looking body. This product could be used for preparing meal daily or occassionally on celebrations or party.

With Nova grinder, you get several blades that can be used for several purpose as per your need. You can make pasta, noddles and many other stuff with it. Different size of blades are given like medium, fine and coarse cutting plate, all the blades are made with stainless steel. You also get a kubbe attachment with an easy detachable grinder cap. Its motar does not need much power, it needs just 50/60HZ. It is inbuilt with 1000 watt motor which is extremely powerful. With the help circuit breaker, your device gets saved from burning motar. With all this features this machine just weighs 3.8 kilo grams. Its dimensions are 44.2 cm x 23.2 cm x 19 cm. Thus, Nova's meat grinder gives you a platform for preparing different meals with the help of a single product. Nova grinder does not add any burden on the user neither it is costly nor it need much maintainence.

Product Details
Wattage 1,000 Watts

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