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Novafit Multi Functional Treadmill 5 In 1

Novafit Multi Functional Treadmill 5 In 1

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Overview: Novafit Multi Functional Treadmill 5 In 1

'Novafit Multi Functional Treadmill 5 In 1' is a superior quality treadmill from the leading fitness company Novafit which has created its own niche when it comes to the fitness and gym industry. This new treadmill 5 in 1 is no exception. Blessed with Novafit's classy beauty and sophistication, the device is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Gone are the days when your fatness was hampering your beauty and self-confidence. With the new 'Novafit Multi Functional Treadmill 5 In 1' exercising will become so enjoyable you will hardly consider the effort you put to reduce those extra pounds or grow those washboard abs.

Key features:

The 'Novafit Multi Functional Treadmill 5 in 1' with dimensions 17 cm x 35 cm and marked under the manufacturer part number 1005 is a device full of unexpected, but pleasant surprises. Its high-quality strong steel frame comes in the classic black and grey shades rendering it a kind of sophistication that is hard to resist. The device has also been subjected to newer innovative designs, making it steeper with pressure cylinders and a 3 level manual incline. The 5 in 1 treadmill can bear a maximum user eight of 100 kgs. It also has additional helpful functions of scan, speed distance, calories & time, thus making the entire process of working out hassle-free. So purchase this treadmill online and lose weight in no time.

Why choose a manual treadmill?

Manual treadmills are generally smaller and lighter than automatic ones and thus far easier to store in homes and personal gyms. A manual treadmill means more pressure on user joints as it takes more effort and thus helping one to get in shape easily. The 'Novafit Multi Functional Treadmill 5 in 1' comes with all these advantages and more. With this manual treadmill the user can be assured that the exercising device will pick up pace with them and provide them with maximum satisfaction. This excellent Novafit fitness gear also doesn't require a stabilizer which is an absolute necessity with motorized treadmills.


The 'Novafit Multi Functional Treadmill 5 in 1' derives its name from its five window LCD monitor which shows display of time, speed, calories, distance and pulses. The machine has an extremely comfortable running board which doesn't let the user feel any pain even when they have been using the machine for long hours. One of its main attractions is a vibration belt massager that lets hardcore gym addicts relax and enjoy after their workout. It also helps avoid wear and tear of tissues or muscles. Not only is the 'Novafit Multi Functional Treadmill 5 in 1' comfortable and highly-functional it will also stand the test of time being durable and very sturdy. Its intensity is commendable as using it for a couple of weeks show prominent positive results. One must not be fooled into believing that this is a fat person's machine. The Novafit machine is studded with utilities which ensure a workout that keeps one fit and helps in toning the muscles, avoiding joint pains and many other lifestyle disorders. The push-up-bars are specially designed to ensure that your upper body doesn't feel neglected and is subjected to an equal amount of exercising. It helps in getting men enviable biceps and triceps while women can flaunt a torso that is attractive and not flabby. While the push-up-bars help in upper body blood circulation, the fat in the thighs, waist and hips can be well reduced through the twister in the machine. On top of its many functions the 'Novafit Multi Functional Treadmill 5 in 1' is foldable and can be moved about easily. All in all, this machine is a state of art fitness gear which is a necessity for your home or gym. Shop for it online and reap the benefits that it brings along.

Features: Novafit Multi Functional Treadmill 5 In 1

  • High quality strong steel frame
  • Steeper with pressure cylinders
  • Functions of scan, speed distance, calories & time
  • 3 level manual incline
Product Details
Manufacturer NovaFit
Manufacturer Part Number 1005
Brand Nova Fitness
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 17 cm x 35 cm

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