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Nova NHC-990 Hair Straightener For Women (Red)

Nova NHC-990 Hair Straightener For Women (Red)

Target Gender Female
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Overview: Nova Nhc-990 Hair Straightener For Women

Every woman considers her hair to be her best possession and is always on the lookout of ways to take care of it and manage it in the best possible way. Possessing long, smooth and silky as well as voluminous hair is the most craved for by every woman. The long hair of a woman helps her tie her hair in any desired style, hence giving her various options of styling her hair in different ways according to her attire and occasion. Naturally straight hair is something that not everyone is blessed with. It is a blessing that many wish to have, especially those who have unruly frizzy hair that takes ages to maintain. Women with curly and frizzy hair therefore are always finding ways to straighten their hair in order to be able to style it and maintain it in the best way they can. Thus, hair straighteners have been a blessing in disguise for women. If you wish o improve the texture of your frizzy hair and straighten it to make it look shiny and well kept, then you can opt for this hair straightener by Nova. Buy this Nova NHC-990 Hair Straightener For Women (Red) online and get it delivered at your doorstep within few days.

Product features:

Electronic hair straighteners have become immensely popular ever since they were released in the market. These devices ensure that you experience the joy of achieving perfectly straight and silky hair that you always wished for. Straight hair has always had a very well maintained look which along with look beautiful is also very easy to manage. This Nova hair straightener is the best buy for you if you are looking for a hair straightener that you could carry on the go as it has a compact and neat design which helps you to carry it in your bag. This Nova hair straightener is your solution to perfectly straight hair that will give you a gorgeous look. It features a compact body with a sleek design and bright red colour that is sure to attract your attention. It has a patented coating that eases the procedure of straightening your hair in safe manner. The hair straightener utilises ceramic plates with a patented floating which ensures you a very high quality of hair styling and grooming. This hair straightener requires a power of 220-240 volts and consumes 35 watts of power. It takes around 30 seconds to heat in order to give you that desired silky straight mane. You can set the temperature according to your preference as it heats up to an optimum temperature that is suited for your hair. It also features a power indicator that tells you whether the straightener is on or off. It comprises of a 360 degree rotating power cord which is around 1.8 m long which allows for the seamless straightening of your long hair without missing out on any strands. Along with straightening your hair, you can also use this device to curl your hair and form ringlets that would give you a very fashionable look for a party or wedding. Its ceramic coating ensures complete safety and will prevent your hair from getting affected due to heat. Your hair styling regime is therefore not just limited to straightening but also experimenting with various hairstyles that include curling as well. Feel free to experiment with this Nova hair straightener and sport a different hairstyle everyday!

How to use the product:

You should keep certain points in mind while you are straightening your hair in order to achieve best results. You should to first wash your hair with a shampoo and then use a good conditioner. Those women who have frizzy and thick hair can opt for a smoothing shampoo whereas women with thin hair can use a volumising shampoo. You should then blow dry your hair after washing which in turn would result in the removal of tangles and make the procedure easier and faster. After that, make sure to divide your hair into a number of equal sections so as to make sure that all the parts of your hair are equally and neatly straightened. After this is done, you can set the straightener to the required heat and begin straightening your hair. Set the temperature according to the volume of frizziness and amount that you wish to straighten. Ensure best results by following these basic steps of straightening.

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Product Details
Brand Nova
Target Gender Female

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