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Numark iDJ Pro 2-Channel Premium DJ Controller for iPad

Numark iDJ Pro 2-Channel Premium DJ Controller for iPad

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Product Description

If we take a closer look at the world that we are living in, we will realize that things are changing rapidly. Technologically the world has advanced in a very rapid rate. Almost all the people are extremely busy making their livelihood. We are so busy with the daily toils of our life that we often tend to get stressed. Stress is definitely taking a major toll in one's life these days. However, it becomes quite necessary to de-stress times. Whenever, we think of unwinding, the first thing that comes to our mind is 'music'. Music is known for its healing properties. With music one can de-stress just at the blink of an eye. However, different people tend to relax in different ways. There are many people who just love the idea of disco and DJing. It is true that one should at times just let your hair down and enjoy. Numark iDJ Pro 2-Channel Premium DJ Controller for iPad is an amazing product for those who are fascinated by the concept of being a Digital Jockey. This product is sure to bring out your creative musical genius. If you have always been interested by the kits that the Digital Jockey's use, this product is a must have for you. It is bound to work wonders.


Brookstone is a very trusted brand dealing with high quality products. They are known for the innovative products that they offer their customers. The customer satisfaction is what they aim for. It is a modern world and accordingly their products are absolutely modern and trendy. Their products are known for their functionality. Brookstone has marked its way through excellence. The demand for their products is rapidly growing each day. The brand is extremely concerned about bringing genuine products to the customers. The customer care and service that they provide to their customers are also worth mentioning. They take care of the needs and taste of their customers in a very good way. With the purchase of their products you will never have to regret. They are worth buying. You can shop online with full convenience.


Numark iDJ Pro 2-Channel Premium DJ Controller for iPad is a great device. This device is absolutely user friendly. It can be easily operated by anyone. This system will definitely give you a great experience with DJ music. The controller is compatible with all generations of iPads. A lot of space is given by the console. The system is not only good to look at but at the same time has awesome features. The device is made of Aluminium with a brushed casing. This product is incredible and you will have a wide range of options to work with. The design of the device is very sleek and slender. The stylish look also makes it even more appealing. It is highly compatible with Algoriddims DJ app. This app makes it possible for you to use all the controls seamlessly. The iDJ Pro has a central dock for iPad and it comes along with dual platter flow and music scroll. The volume knots of the system is splendid, it makes adjusting music just the way you want to hear. You can rock parties with this system easily. The console very efficiently lets you control music as you desire, you can control the pitch, tone and frequency variations. The latching gives an uninterrupted and a full integration between your two devices. The latching in this device is sensor controlled. You can easily connect the device with the controller, this way you can access to your favourite music conveniently. The DJ experience that this system provides is fantastic. You will be entertained and at the same time will not fail to entertain others present in your party. The controller of this system is enabled with Cloud access. With this feature you can download new tunes and enhance their sounds any way you feel like. The product has an amazing wireless connectivity system. You can set up your speakers with great ease. A professional microphone is included in the set which adds a lot of quirk to the music that you are dealing with.


Maintenance of Numark iDJ Pro 2-Channel Premium DJ Controller for iPad is very simple. It is of high class quality. You just have to take a few precautions while dealing with it. Keep it away from water and any form of liquid. Do not drop it from a height. Keep it in a safe bag when not in use. You can clean the system with a soft bristle. The system comes with a user manual, read it thoroughly. The product is very durable and is bound to last for years to come.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number KV8581
Brand Brookstone
Model Number Numark IDJ Pro
Item Package Quantity 1

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