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Nutan Regular Iron

Nutan Regular Iron

Brand Nutan
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Overview: Nutan Regular Iron

Clothes define the person you are. Ironing clothes nowadays has become a daily routine in our lives. In this fast paced world, people tend to iron their clothes at home because they do not have time to give their clothes to the laundry for washing and ironing. Imagine that you are late for work and you have an important meeting with a client, yet your shirt is not ready. A nice pleated shirt is what you need to make a good impression on the client. Do not panic! The brand Nutan brings an awesome product for you. Nutan Regular iron will be your rescuer. Let us check out the attributes this product is offering which will help you make the purchase.

Non-stick Coating

The Nutan Regular Iron comes with a non stick coating, which prevents the cloth from sticking to the iron. There are many brands in the market, which produce irons but you can find the cloth clinging to the iron. Due to this, the cloth receives more than necessary heat and as a result it gets burned. So if you shop online Nutan Regular Iron, you will not face this problem. It has a teflon coating which does not let the cloth stick to the surface of the iron. There are three layers of fine coating. It flaunts a black colour. The colour black enhances its look and makes it extremely stylish. The iron being handy and stylish makes it a must buy. The price of the iron will surely be within your budget. If you have a tight budget, do not miss out on this iron as it will not pinch your pocket.


The Iron has a very sleek Heel which lets you rest it while you connect it to the switch board. The iron gets heated through electricity with the help of a cord. It consumes 750w electricity which lets you save enough money. The iron needs a power input of 220 - 230v. The length of the cord is 2.2m, which is really long. Even if there is no place near the switch board to place the iron, you can easily take the iron and with the help of the cord you can place the iron at a distance. The design of the iron is very smart; it looks extremely elegant. The best part of the iron is that it has no cord. So, when you iron your clothes you can easily handle it in your own way. Cords generally act as hindrance when it comes to ironing clothes. You always need to adjust the cord according to your direction of ironing. The Nutan Regular Iron is the perfect product for you if you want to iron pockets and under buttons. Even if you want to iron a thin dupatta or a chiffon sari, you can do so without a problem. There are different controls on the iron which let you choose the type of clothes you are ironing. Be it woolen clothes or muslin dupattas, with this iron you can see them without a crease. There is no steam burst with this iron. So remember that when you iron your clothes, they should be completely dry. The height, width and depth of the iron are 125 X 250 X 110mm. These dimensions of the Nutan Regular Iron enable you to carry the iron wherever you want. If you are relocating, do not worry, the light weight of the iron will not be a hindrance. It will nicely fit inside your luggage. Buy online Nutan Regular Iron and say bye to all your problems.

About The Brand

The brand Nutan is a good company which has been operating since many years. It is a company you can trust. If you buy a product from Nutan, be rest assured that you will be highly satisfied with it. They believe in delivering quality products. They promise durability. Their products last really long unlike other local companies which produce irons. When it comes to buying an iron you should really be careful and choose the best. Nutan has a wide range of irons, among them choose the best and buy it without thinking twice.

Maintenance and Care

The Nutan Regular Iron comes with a year's warranty. It must be remembered that the warranty is only on the manufacturer's defect. If you damage the iron within the warranty period, the company will not be responsible for the damage. The Nutan Regular Iron does not need any kind of maintenance.

Key Features

Manual temperature control

2.2 m cord

Cordless while ironing

750w power consumption

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Brand Nutan

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