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OEM Cell Phone Watch Mobile Phone Watch With Keypad - Dual Sim, Touch Screen, Bluetooth Headset, 4Gb Micro Sd Card

OEM Cell Phone Watch Mobile Phone Watch With Keypad - Dual Sim, Touch Screen, Bluetooth Headset, 4Gb Micro Sd Card

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Overview: OEM Mobile Phone

Multitasking and the need to remain connected with the rest of the world has become a need in this age. There are several ranges of multifunction devices available in the market to facilitate multitasking. If you are a fan of James Bond then OEM has the product that will truly impress you. You should buy OEM mobile phone wristwatch online in order to get the feeling of the tech savvy James Bond as you walk on the streets. Unlike many other multipurpose wristwatches, this wristwatch by OEM is a completely functional mobile phone too. This one of those rare products that make wearing your mobile phone on your wrist possible. More importantly, you can rest assured that both the mobile phone and wristwatch are at par with the individual devices in terms of efficiency. Since it is available online, you can save your precious time by placing the order for the product from your home, college or office and get it delivered to your preferred address without any hassle.
Features and Design of the OEM Mobile Phone Wristwatch
This OEM multifunction wristwatch has a slightly rectangular dial. The dial of the wristwatch serves as the display of the mobile too. The wristbands of the wristwatch are broad, like many sports watches commonly are. One side of the band has keys of the mobile phone. The keys are small but are crafted in such a way that makes pressing each one of them easy. The asterisk key, hash key and other keys, which are typically found at the lowest row on a mobile phone, are on the right side of the number keys. Thus, after the digit 3, there is asterisk and after the digit the 9, there is hash and so on. The other wristband has the speaker. You can recognise it due to the perforations. On the right side of the dial is the power button while the earphone port is on the left side.
The keypad of the mobile phone wristwatch has backlit illumination that makes every number and character on them clearly visible even in the dark. The dial of the wristwatch is a touchscreen so that you can use the wristwatch like a modern mobile phone indeed. This OEM multifunction mobile phone wristwatch supports Bluetooth, 2G and GSM - 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz. The display or the dial of the multifunction mobile phone wristwatch measures 1.33 inches and has a resolution of 128 pixels x128 pixels. This device offers 250 KB of internal storage space. However, you can expand storage up to 4 GB of data using a micro SD card, the slot for which is there in the multifunction mobile phone wristwatch. Besides, you can play video in AVI and 3GP formats and audio in MP3 format. The device supports JPG format for pictures and TXT format for texts. Like most of the contemporary mobile phone models, this multifunction mobile phone wristwatch has dual micro SIM slots. Other notable features of the device are a micro USB port and the 700 mAh battery, which ensures that the sci-fi like gadget remains up and running for long.
Speciality and Benefits of the OEM Mobile Phone Wristwatch
Feeling like James Bond may be the most notable benefit of this OEM mobile phone wristwatch for you but this sci-fi gadget has more than that to offer. It redefined making and receiving calls. You will all the essential functions conveniently at your disposal. Instead of carrying a mobile phone for calling, messaging, etc. and a watch for tracking time and a music player for songs, you simply wear this multifunction wristwatch. The OEM multifunction mobile phone wristwatch measures 28 cm in length, 5 cm in width and 1.4 cm in thickness. Therefore, you are assured that the multifunctioning mobile phone wristwatch does not appear awkwardly bulky or massive on your wrist. In addition to that, the product weighs 60 grams. So, you will not feel hindered due to this multifunction mobile phone wristwatch while working. In short, it is not just multifunction in nature but each component of the device meets your expectation in terms of functionality. So, shop online for the OEM multifunction mobile phone wristwatch at the earliest to enjoy the advantages.
Maintenance and Care Tips for the OEM Multifunction Mobile Phone Wristwatch
Keep the OEM multifunction mobile phone wristwatch away from water, oil, beverages and other liquid. The internal components may get damaged if liquid reaches inside the device. In addition to that, all the important information regarding recharging, troubleshooting minor issues and keeping the device safe and clean are prescribed on the user manual that is supplied along with this OEM multifunction mobile phone wristwatch. You should read it carefully in order to be well aware of the technical aspects of the device.
Key Highlights
Dual SIM
Bluetooth headset
700 mAh battery
128 pixels x 128 pixels

Features: OEM Mobile Phone

  • Watch Phone
  • 1.33 Inch Touch Screen
  • Dual SIM
  • Built in Keyboard
  • 4GB Micro SD Card Included
Product Details
Manufacturer OEM
Manufacturer Part Number CMP-521
Brand OEM
Model Number CVFD-M278-N1
Colour Name White
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Memory Storage Capacity 4.0 GB
Display Size 1.3 inches
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 28 cm x 5 cm x 1.4 cm

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