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OGAWA Foottee Therapy Foot Reflexology- OF 1708 (Green)

OGAWA Foottee Therapy Foot Reflexology- OF 1708 (Green)

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Overview: Ogawa Foottee Therapy Foot Reflexology- Of 1708

Our feet endure a lot of stress as we go about our work, therefore, at times you need to pamper them a little. However, it is not always possible to go to a salon and splurge on foot messages or to get a foot massage after a tiring day at work. Now, you don't need to worry anymore, as you can easily get the OGAWA Foottee Therapy Foot Reflexology very easily. Brought to you by trusted and eminent brand OGAWA, this foot massager like all its products is made under stringent quality norms to meet the requirements of the users in a specific manner. This foot massager is no exception and the sleek and contemporary design along with easy functions makes it a must have product in your home as it provides with enough relaxation and soothes your body so that you can start the next day afresh. Take a look at the product features, before you make the purchase online.

Style and design

This foot and ankle massager relaxes and soothes your sole instantly and effectively massages from your foot and toes along with your heels and covers all the stress points in a perfect manner. Its special heat therapy helps in the removal of toxins and ensures complete foot care that rejuvenates the sole. This foot massager comes with 'Air Bag Shelters' for a comforting and soothing feel. The advanced 'Duo Massage Program Relaxation Mode' helps to get rid of all the tiredness along with sore feett. The 'GuaSha Mode' also gives intense and soothing healing massages. The 'Trio Massage Method Foottee therapy' along with it employs a special rolling feel and the 'GuaSha stimulated method' massages the acupuncture points that is located all along three critical areas of the soles that is from the toes, to feet to heels. The exclusive 'Heat Therapy' gives out relaxing warmth that helps in the removal of toxins that get released from the tissues as well as the cells during a massage. This foot massager and relaxer comes in a handy, portable and easy to use design. You simply need to put your foot in and get a relaxing massage every time. The dimensions of the product are 41.7 cm x 35.7 cm x 22.4 cm and you can store it away easily when not in use or carry it along when you are travelling.

Benefits of using the OGAWA Foottee Therapy Foot Reflexology

This foot massager from OGAWA comes with a number of beneficial features and relaxes your ankles and foot in a perfect manner. It provides great relief to your calf muscles and foot, so that you can have a relaxing treatment of your legs. This foot massager machine gives you a sensational massage which promises to remove all your stress. Now, if you stay more hours on your feet, this OGAWA foot massage machine is the perfect choice for you. It significantly relaxes every foot muscle and gives your ankle a comfortable feel and allows you to walk again without any stress. The specialty of this foot massager is that it activates the foot pressure points and significantly gets rid of tension. The best part about this foot massager is that you can gift this relaxing foot massager to your loved ones as it makes an excellent gift.


Maintenance of this foot and ankle relaxer is not very difficult. However, like every other electronic device, this machine requires certain maintenance to ensure longevity. This foot relaxer from OGAWA also comes with a manufacturer warranty. While cleaning this machine at home, you need to keep few specific things in mind. You can use a soft bristled brush or cloth to wipe away the settled dirt and dust particles. Do not use any damp or moist cloth to clean the interiors as that might hamper the internal mechanism of the electronic device. And before you start using the foot massager, you need to clean your feet properly. Like you clean the exterior of the massager, you can also clean the interior with a brush with soft bristles. This product is now available on the internet. Therefore, you can buy OGAWA Foottee Therapy Foot Reflexology, Green online and get it delivered to your home and get a relaxing foot message whenever you want.

Key Features at a glance

Sleek and contemporary design

White and green in colour

Easy to maintain and store away

Rolling and GuaSha stimulated methods

Protects your feet properly with air bags inside

Features: Ogawa Foottee Therapy Foot Reflexology- Of 1708

  • Shelters your feet with an airbag for a perfect soothing feel.
  • Relaxation Mode- To get rid of tiredness and sore foot ,GuaSha Mode- For an intense healing massage
  • Foottee therapy employs rolling and GuaSha stimulated methods to massage acupuncture points located all along 3 critical areas of your soles: from toes, feet to heels.
  • Emits relaxing warmth to aid removal of toxins that will be released from your tissues and cells during massage.
  • Extremely light weight and adorably designed.
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 4.1 kg
Product Dimensions 41.7 cm x 35.7 cm x 22.4 cm

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