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O'Neal Element Limited Edition Boots (Black, Size 11)

O'Neal Element Limited Edition Boots (Black, Size 11)

Model Number 0321-111
Colour Black
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Overview: O'Neal Element Limited Edition Boots (Black, Size 11)

When the racer sets his mind on winning competitively nothing can stop him from achieving his goal. The same goes for Limited Edition O'Neal Element Boots. It aids the fanatic racer to zoom past the competition in a way that can achieved only by an O'Neal Element boots owner.

It will not be surprising to state that the first look will elicit emotions pertaining to a sci-fi movie - enthralling and engaging. However look closely and you will see that the boots have been designed for the ultimate comfort factor. In high speed races where the speedometer talks faster than the wind and when adrenaline pumps up your chest, it is these pair of boots that will be a constant companion. With these boots it is easy to push the limits of your endurance and continue marching ahead with the sole purpose of winning. When the boots kick in the gear, your bike, your boots, and your mind work in unison. This enables you to race ahead in full glory.

The boots give full protection against the over-heated metal parts of the bike that might otherwise scorch your skin at the ankle. The boot goes well above ankle level and offer unmatched protection thanks to Injection moulded plastic shin plate and protection. The detailing around the body looks to heighten the comfort and value from the boot. The flexible back ankle portion allows total freedom of the ankle and feet. With these boots on, gear changes and throttle push becomes easier and secure due to the padded heel support. The bonded sole with metal shank in brilliant red and black combination provides solid grip and ensures no slippage or nasty sprains.

Customising options and maintenance

The boot is highly customisable. You can separately order green, pink or blue straps to match with your racing gear and bike. The highly adjustable four buckle closure allows all sizes of feet to comfortably fit in. This gives an edge to their driving with such high degree of comfort. Maintenance too is very quick and easy. Simply use a wet cloth that helps remove the dirt and grime around the shoe's body. While the rubber sole insert withstand the enormous impact generated from racing, you can still replace worn out rubber inserts by ordering replacement for the same. With the built in heat shield, emphasis is given to protect your legs when your bike is racing past other contenders. The high build-up of heat around the bile is effectively warded off due this this heat shield.

Get your limited edition boots today!

O'Neal is offering just limited numbers of this exciting pair of boots. If you are the true blue biker, then you should immediately order this from, before stocks run out. We will also help you select the best pricing from amongst our list of verified sellers. Simply fill in your address, make payment and checkout. We will take care of the shipping and make certain that the boots reach you at your doorsteps.

Product Details
Manufacturer O'Neal
Brand O'Neal
Model Number 0321-111
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1

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