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OPTA PS-001 Plug-n-Play Portable Wireless Mini Speaker (White)
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OPTA PS-001 Plug-n-Play Portable Wireless Mini Speaker (White)

Colour White
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Product Description

Who doesn't love to listen to endless music. Listening to music can be a hobby or as just a means of relaxing after a hard day's work. Whatever the reason might be, if you listen to some good quality music, you are sure to not be able to stop yourself from tapping a foot and enjoying it for few minutes at least. For instance, you get back home from your office and wish to listen to some uninterrupted soft music; the most relaxing event in such a situation is when your room fills with awesome quality music. Or, if you wish to spend a weekend partying with your friends at home, you would like to play some rock music to entertain all. With the presence of smart phones which have ample memory storage capacity, it is sure to be loaded with plenty of music and audio files. To playback and listen to your favorite music, you will need to plug in your headphone. However, if you want to hear loud music that can be heard in the entire room, then you must insert a good quality mini speaker that is compatible with your phone. To make this perfectly possible OPTA has come up with wireless mini pocket speakers that are sure to give you the best musical audio experience ever.

Product Description

OPTA wireless mini pocket speakers are the latest fashion trendy speakers that have become the most loved accessory for all music lovers. It is a compact and extremely portable device that can be carried around very easily. It comes in an attractive and elegant white color. It serves to be the favorite accessory for all people fond of listening to music. So now whenever you wish to listen to nonstop music and make it entertaining for all around you as well, you are just short of having these awesome pocket speakers. So, whether you wish to play audio indoors or outdoors, these OPTA speakers can be your ultimate companion that serves to be extremely handy and portable. You can experience brilliant and clear audio due to the presence of a driver with bass port that has been tuned. You can comfortably carry it in your pocket or handbag. You can also choose to clip it on with your dress. This enables you to listen to your favorite songs without having to wear your headphones or earphones. Many do not like to keep having their earphones on all the time, despite the fact that they love hearing music, so in such cases, these pocket speakers can help you a great deal. You can even carry them with you when you go for long outdoor journeys. Also, if your luggage doesn't have the provision of letting you carry huge speakers, then these speakers can come to your rescue and for this you will not need to bother about carrying extra baggage.

Product Features

The OPTA wireless mini pocket speakers are known to provide powerful audio quality features. It possesses the plug and play feature and can be charged up on its own. This is the most uniquely designed pocket speakers. It makes use of 3 watt BASS. It comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. OPTA technology has been leveraged to provide in built bass port. The battery has been enabled with a self charging technology. It doesn't require any wires, it just requires the plug to be inserted into the jack and played back. It works with a frequency range of 20HZ to 20KHZ with impedance which has been rated as 4 ohms. It doesn't require Bluetooth connectivity. It provides an audio jack of 3.5 mm. It has been enabled with a built in amplifier. You get an user instruction manual with this that can help you understand its working and features in detail. It has been provided with an USB type charging cable. The product comes with a six months warranty from the manufacturer.

These OPTA wireless mini pocket speakers are extremely lightweight, weighing just 40 grams, that is it is the size of a golf ball and thus serves to be a great device for you to be able to carry it around easily.

Product Features

  • 3.5 MM Jack. Plug and play device. Dimensions:(59*45mm) and wieghs only 40 Gms
  • Maximum Output of 85dB & distortion of <0.1% at 0.5m. (As recommended by doctors)
  • International standard 3..5 MM Jack(that can be directly connected to all compatible devices) and 600 maH battery
  • Box contains: Speaker, USB charging cable, 6 month warranty card
Product Details
Manufacturer OPTA
Manufacturer Part Number OTA_PS-001_WHE
Brand OPTA
Model Number PS-001
Colour White
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Special Features Plug and Play device, so you need to just connect and play. Bluetooth connectivity and cables NOT required., Golf ball size- We dont Exaggerate (59*?45mm) and wieghs only 40 Gms, 3.5 mm Audio Jack and Distortion<0.1%! Excellent Clarity(Please do not use with 3 MM audio jacks or Samsung S series for optimal performace), Built-in Amplifier,Portable design, Box contains: Speaker, USB charging cable, 6 month warranty card, USER MANUAL(On the box), **********PLEASE READ THE USER MANUAL ON THE BOX BEFORE OPERATING**************
Speaker Connectivity wireless
Wattage 3.00
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 5.9 cm

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