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Objective General English

Objective General English

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Language English
Contributor(s) R.S. Aggarwal
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Objective General English

RS Agrawal is a reputed author and his books are regarded as the bible for all competitive exams. RS Agarwal's books help you master your aptitude skills be it in the verbal or quantitative section and thus helping to ace your performance in your exam. Objective General English is yet another book designed to enhance your verbal skills. Since India is not a Native English speaking country, all most all students find it difficult to master the grammatical aspects of the language.

The book 'Objective General English' aims at improving your verbal aptitude skills. The book is structured in a well organised format giving a clear roadmap for students. The book 'Objective General English' is divided into six segments namely- General Usage, Error Detection, Vocabulary Usage, Comprehension Ability, Selecting Words/phrase and Rearrangement.



The first section of the book aims at improving a student's Vocabulary skills. Vocabulary is inculcated through reading books, newspapers and magazine. But for those who have limited time, this book is a solution for those struggling with their vocabulary skills. This section has subsections namely- Synonyms which are words with similar meanings, Antonyms which are words with opposite meaning , Homonyms which are words having the same spelling or pronunciation but different meanings and origins ,Word substitution , Double Synonyms and Vocabulary tests at the end of the section to help you analyse for your preparation process. Get your basics right and be proficient with this section with the help of this book.

2.Comprehension Ability:-

The second section of the book is Comprehension Ability which has four sub-segments- two on Comprehension and one on the technique to be expertise to tackle passages and the last chapter in the Detection of the given topic. This section is considered difficult to master by students but this book caters to needs of the students by the simple yet effective methods hence helping the student to comprehend the accurate meaning , the latent hints and the context of the written content.

3. Selecting words/Phrases-

The third section of the book targets selecting the correct words and phrases. Although this section might appear to be easy compared to the rest it can be quite tricky to choose at times. This guide has some simple techniques to help the student choose the correct and in discussed in three subsections. The subsection consists of sentence and passage completion and fills in the blanks with the correct option.

4. Error Detection-

The next section consists of Error detection and correction which helps the student to recognise common mistakes committed while using the language and easy methods to recognise and eliminate the mistakes.

/p>5.Rearrangement -

Rearranging sentences in the right order can leave one perplexed at times. With time constraints to cater to rearranging sentences can be herculean. This section comes with five chapters which help you overcome all issues regarding rearrangement. The chapters are- reconstruction of individual sentences, rearrangement of constructed sentences within a paragraph, formation of words and reconstruction of paragraphs.

5.General Usage-

The last section gives the students the final touch to complete their preparation. This section covers topics like common phrases, correct use of active and passive voice, direct and indirect speech, transformation and idioms.

The book 'Objective General English' is well suited for those targeting to crack exams such as RBI, Railway Recruitment, NDA,CDS,IES and MBA. This book is a must have for those for those are weak at English and want to improve in this section. The book was first published in 2011 and has been a success.

About the Authors

A Chemical Engineer and Finance Expert , R.S Agarwal has written several books such as- A modern approach to Logic Reasoning, Non Verbal Reasoning etc. His books are among the most popular choices by students for competitive exams. Vikas Aggarwal has authored books like Mental Mathematics, Composite Mathematics etc .

The books is published by S.Chand & Company LTD- NEW DELHI and has 672 pages. Purchase this book on with the product code '8121915317'

Features: Objective General English

  • Competitive Exams
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2012
Publisher S Chand
Contributor(s) R.S. Aggarwal
Binding Paperback
Edition 22th Edition
Book Volume 30
Page Count 664
ISBN 10 8121915317
ISBN 13 9788121915311
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 870 grams
Product Dimensions 24 cm x 3 cm x 17 cm
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