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Octane 95 Deodorant Body Spray Men

Octane 95 Deodorant Body Spray Men

Target Gender Male
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Overview: Octane 95 Deodorant Body Spray Men

Smelling good is an extreme necessity, especially when you know you are going to be out for a long time. While your body releases the sweat make sure to leave behind a lingering fragrance wherever you go. Keeping your body refreshed all day long becomes easier when you have Octane 95 Deodorant Body Spray at your rescue. Providing your body with an unique fragrance that leave the people around you mesmerised, this deodorant ensures to provide you with the confidence to stretch your arms without the fear of releasing any bad odour.

The 24 hours protection formula of the deodorant ensures to provide protection against increasing bacteria in the areas where you sweat the most. It helps to keep your body dry, preventing the growth of odour creating germs in your body, which generally become active when under moist conditions. Leaving behind a fragrance which provides a charming effect to your personality, you can be sure to make a lasting impression when equipped with this amazingly fragranced deodorant. Powerful and impactful, this strong deodorant makes sure to provide complete protection all day long.

In today's date stepping out of home without using a deodorant is almost next to impossible. However, how do we know whether the fragrance that you apply suits your personality or not. This deodorant provides you with a mild and smooth woody fragrance, which not only keeps the odour from your sweat away but also instils more confidence to your personality. Also most men today prefer to wear a mild toned fragrance over strong ones. To take care of all your deodorant needs, we make this product available online only at Junglee. Shop from the comfort of your home and get the product delivered right at your doorstep. Make sure to pay the best price for you most desired deodorant,

Product Details
Brand Octane
Model Number UT406
Target Gender Male
Theme deodrant, Deo, Perfume

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