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Ohh Yes, I am Single...! And So is My Girlfriend

Ohh Yes, I am Single...! And So is My Girlfriend

Language English
Contributor(s) Durjoy Datta, Neeti Rustagi
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Ohh Yes

Do you like love stories with twists and turns with lots of surprises at the end? Ohh Yes, I am Single...! And So is My Girlfriend is an entertaining story of a nerd who experiences lots of ups and downs in his love life. This book takes you through the life of the author who was unlucky in love. The story takes you through the experience of the author who has the ability to get in love and even get out of it in no time. The author Durjoy falls in love with every girl who comes close to him, but he is rather confused about who his true love is. Will Durjoy ever find his love? Or will his heart ever be broken in search for love? Durjoy confesses every little detail he has throughout his love life. The story will take you through the disappointments he goes through while finding his perfect lady who can value his love. Ohh Yes, I am Single...! And So is My Girlfriend is a journey of heartbreaks, love, laughter and valuing relationships.

Love, Life And Confusion

The story takes you through the series of confusions that Durjoy has in choosing his right partner and when he realizes that Manika (who takes care of his health) is the right girl for him, he goes through lots of depression while he realizes her importance in his life. But is it already too late? The story will give you the answer and take you through a detailed tour of Durjoy's life. While he is experiencing disappointments in love, his search for his true love does not end. This book provides a detailed insight on issues pertaining to love and relationships and the consequences related to them.

About The Authors

Neeti Rustagi and Durjoy Datta have written a number of books including some novels. Neeti Rustagi was born in Delhi as was working with hospitality industry for 10 years. Durjoy Datta also hails from Delhi and is the co-founder of Grapevine India Publishers that publishes books based on romance. This story highlights the love life of Durjoy and the series of happiness and depressing moments that takes him in deciding the love of his life. The story is interesting and will let you keep the grip of the action from start to finish. Unlike the usual topic of love and relationships, this story takes you through the struggle and challenges he takes in finding the right girl. The story also focuses on the mistakes done by him in relationships and brings in more value to love. Find out who will be Durjoy's love, who will not break her heart? Will Manika be the right girl for him? Grab a copy now to get hold of this romantic love story now and get answer to all your questions. Buy this book online on to get the best price offered by many sellers. Make an informed choice by comparing the prices by sellers and customer reviews. Why waste time in browsing through other sites, simply go Junglee and grab some of the best offers and deals now.

Features: Ohh Yes

  • Fiction
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2011
Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Contributor(s) Durjoy Datta, Neeti Rustagi
Binding Paperback
Book Volume 28
Page Count 200
ISBN 10 8192222616
ISBN 13 9788192222615
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Customer Reviews on Ohh Yes

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Overall Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  Humorous. 27 October, 2013 On
    All of Durjoys books are full of love, relationships, breakups and all over again in love with another girl. Haha.

    I really liked reading the previous books of Durjoy in the series. Of-course I love you.... which was a romantic love story of Deb and Avantika. You were my crush....... was another interesting love story of Deb's cousin Benoy roy and shaina, the best thing of this book was the ending... it ended in a typical Bollywood style. She broke I didnt was full of bitterness in Debs and avantika's relationship, misunderstandings and almost to the verge of break up. But I will give a Hi-Fi to the first two books I mentioned before.

    This book though good but not so great as the above two books I mentioned. I feel the love story in this one is similar to the Ofcourse I love you except the characters are encrypted here, are given some other names where Durjoy shares his past life incidents with his cousin neeti rustagi.

    At the end I would mention all these books are all about India's youngsters living in New Delhi. For those who are fond of reading love stories you can go for this one its a one time read. I will be giving a 3 star for this.
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  2.  Does today's Youth Ever Fall in True Love? 31 March, 2014 On
    The fourth in the novella co-written by the authors, brought in for the first time, a narration of his story by Durjoy and written by the Neeti.

    Storyline: Joy, the main character in the author’s books, is as usual, the fun-loving engineering student in Delhi University, always thirsty for love and sex. Here again, he falls in love with many girls starting from his initial school crush Nisha, Sarah, Sheeny, Manika and Natasha. The endless love stories of Joy always end up after a passionate physical and mental relationship with them, sometimes, hurting them but always depressing Joy for some time after they move on. Finally he meets Manika, a mature journalist cum writer through his friend Siddharth in a secret rave party, whom he retains as his permanent girl friend for a quite a long time. Though both of them are in deep love with each other, they don’t realize the fact and hence get separated for a brief time in between. They re-unite after breaking up with their respective new partners and start afresh their physical and emotional love saga.

    Positives: The way the book is written is quite interesting with one author narrating his short lived love stories and the other writing it with her own remarks in between. Elicits the fact as to how the younger generation is taking the feeling of LOVE as a mere short term physical and emotional attachment after which they just move on with some other partners, as easily as they change clothes.. Also paves the way to know how they spoil their own careers and golden lives, in such quests for relationships, thanks to social networking sites and irresponsible parents.

    Negatives: I still wonder as to how someone can fall in love so many times in such short periods. Probably we now need to coin some other term for the word LOVE, as it has been totally polluted with greater need for physical relationship than emotional attachment. Impending danger of the next generation to have no value systems in their blood as their creators just don’t know anything about them. I also wonder whether these are the same boys and girls who marry some other innocent true lovers, bear children and call themselves as ideal couples without any moral obligation towards the multiple sexual encounters they had with some one else in their college days? God save LOVE !!!!

    My rating is 2.75 out of 5
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