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Oil Burner Electric Buddha

Oil Burner Electric Buddha

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Overview: Oil Burner Electric Buddha

Make your home a more beautiful place to live in with the installation of this beautiful divine Oil Burner Electric Buddha brought to you by Sky Candle. The aesthetic design and the illumination of this Buddha lampshade will sweep you off your feet. Create a feeling of spiritual enlightenment by installing this oil burner lampshade in your room and feel the presence of the Almighty.

Material and Design

The shade of the lamp is made of plastic so that you can get those perfect ivory-white shades. The shades have been customised in such a way that the light would neither be too dim that you cannot see anything, nor too bright that it can cause hindrance to your sleep. The whole body of the product is also made of hard plastic which makes it strong and sturdy. Some portions of the product are made with ceramic that makes the product more durable than lamps made of other material. The oil burner placed inside is very easy to access. The height of this lampshade is 5.5 inches while the length is 4.5 inches. It has holes at the top so that the beautiful fragrance of the oil, when burnt, can be smelt from a fair distance.

There are LED lamps installed in this product so that it produces the extra light when you want your room to be lit brightly. The LED lights are fixed on the inside of the body which lets it create a shade of different stature. The image of the meditating Buddha will make you immerse in the surroundings. You can light the LED lights with the help of a normal electric wire that can be connected to a switchboard. The wire is also of a considerable length which will let you keep the lampshade a fair distance away from the switchboard.


This Buddha lampshade can be placed in your bedroom, on your side-table. The soft light and the aroma of the oil burnt will make your room a pleasing place to live in. The kids will immediately fall in love with the dim light of the lampshade. Its soothing and soft repercussion on the mind will keep you always stress-free and peaceful. You can keep this burning when you are out of your house. Upon returning, you will be able to experience the beautiful smell in your house because of the scented that had burnt. The spiritual effect it will have on you is unimaginable. It will totally drive you off your senses. It will also work as a nice decorating hardware during the daytime because of its flamboyant colour and design. It does not matter if you are not religious person because this lamp will surely make you fall in love with the design. It can be used in any occasion to lighten up the mood. Let your visitors be in awe of you when see the choice of lighting in your house. The smell of the scented oil burnt is additional feature which this product will provide to you. You can gift this product to your dear ones.

About the Brand

Sky Candle originated in 2012 during the first studio classes in Architecture College. Sky Candle is the only leading chain of its kind in the candle and home décor industry with handpicked range of attractive candles, candle stands, paper craft and sky lanterns. The products available with them are used during all festivals around the world. The products are positioned to provide a wide variety of revenue lines in different seasons and locations.

Buy Buddha lampshade online and have valuable shopping experience. Shop oil burner lampshade online and light up your spiritual life with this Buddha lampshade.

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