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Old Spice Deodorant Spray - 150 ml (Original)
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Old Spice Deodorant Spray - 150 ml (Original)

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Target Gender Unisex
Flavour Original
Product Weight 150 grams
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Overview: Old Spice Deodorant Spray - 150 Ml

The perfumes that we use nowadays were first manufactured in the years of the late 19th century, which used to be made of a combination of vanilla and coumarin. Perfumes were originally titled as "parfums", which were mixed combinations of essential aromatic fragrant oil that used to give a pleasant fragrance to an individual's body. The number of perfumes that are being manufactured in the market is immense, which has led to people possessing a large number of perfumes to choose from. The concentration of the aromatic compound is what compliments the longevity and intensity of the fragrance of a perfume. For their various fragrances and ability to make a person smell good, perfumes have been on popular demand and sought after by women and men both. Deodorants are also very popular for their benefits of being able to be used for daily purposes for people who are out of their houses for long duration in a day. If you are searching for a deodorant that would suit to your purposes and has a worldwide reputation then there could be none better than the Old Spice Deodorant. Buy the Old Spice Deodorant Spray, Original online.

Product Features:

Deodorants consist of a sub group called antiperspirants that are the cause preventing excessive sweating. Deodorants are applied to the body in order to prevent the occurrence of body odour that is caused due to bacterial breakdown in the body parts. This Aramusk Deodorant is a unique and fragrant combination of exhilarating and reviving fragrances, which are held responsible for keeping you fresh and cool throughout your day outside home. The deodorant has a strong and sporty element, which results in giving you the total required protection from any kind of perspiration and body odour. Old Spice is a male grooming brand that has been popular and patronized by men all over the world. The men's products of Old Spice are consisted of aftershaves and soap that dominated the market ever since they were released. Their products have continuously been on the rise and are very popular amongst all men. The term "Classic" is used for those people, who tend to prefer the original fragrance of Old Spice that includes the deodorant sticks, the body washes and shower gels. If you are on the lookout for an original version of Old Spice, then this Old Spice Deodorant Spray, Original would be the best choice for you to buy. With its masculine fragrance, old Spice Original has been manufactured to capture the masculine essence and attract all those, who wish to have a masculine fresh fragrance. The deodorant is mild and very fresh without being harsh on your skin. It features the classic fragrance of Old Spice that it is renowned for. The deodorant has a long-lasting fragrance that is intense, masculine and sensual, which captures the attention of all Old Spice fans. If you wish to have a masculine fragrance that would fetch you a number of compliments, help you stay fresh and feel fresh throughout the day when you are out of the house, then old Spice is your solution. Old Spice once again lives up to its tag line "Smell like man" and does not fail to impress. Make sure to add this Original Old Spice to your collection of deodorants and bring in a fresh and strong masculine fragrance to your daily grooming.

Key highlights:

Brand: Old Spice

Flavour: Original

Sensual, intense and masculine fragrance

Long lasting fragrance

If you wish to own a deodorant that would last you long and has a dominant reputation in the market then shop online for the Old Spice Deodorant Spray, Original.

Features: Old Spice Deodorant Spray - 150 Ml

  • Weight: 150 ml
Product Details
Manufacturer Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care
Manufacturer Part Number 4902430455923
Brand Old Spice
Model Number Oldspice001
Colour Name Multicolour
Target Gender Unisex
Flavour Original
Theme designated-beauty
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 150 grams

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Overall Rating 3.4 out of 5 stars
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