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Olympus Elec View Finder VF-2  for PEN cameras

Olympus Elec View Finder VF-2 for PEN cameras

Colour Silver
Max Focal Length 0.1
Min Focal Length 0.1
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Product Description

When it comes to the choice of a camera view finder, you have to be very particular about a few things. Choosing one such device is not just a child's play. You need to ensure that you will get exactly the preferred image quality and you don't have to really be work hard or deliberate on it. That's the reason this Olympus Elec View Finder VF-2 is a particular product that has done really well. The Olympus Elec View Finder VF-2 for pen cameras is a perfect device that can easily slide into any camera accessory port or hot shoe whenever you want it to. For instance, when you are shooting in dim light conditions or direct sunlight, there will be certain restrictions. In case of direct sunlight, it is likely to tilt up to 90, which can be an excellent and much needed benefit when you are composing shots at lower range for practical or dramatic purposes. That's the reason this viewfinder is so popular nowadays. You will get the ultimate advantage of using the same.

The Olympus Elec View Finder also comes with a perfectly deigned LCD, which is 2x brighter than others and has 3x added contrast than other competing models. It shows high magnification as well as a built-in diopter adjustment to ensure ease of viewing with as well as without eyeglasses. You will also be able to adjust the contrast brightness and color temperature of this view finder using the feature E-P2's EVF ADJUST menu function. The brightness of this view finder can be adjusted and modified as you need it. This VF-2 can actually refresh quickly in order to minimize the risk of image ghosting so that you are able to get clearer and brighter images. It also has good effects on fast moving objects, thus making your photographic skills work without fail. The Olympus product comes with Low Voltage Differential Signaling or LVDS technology, which enables high resolution of images and high speed transfer. There are aspherical lenses attached to this view finder to make sure your images have higher resolution starting from the centre to the edge. That really makes it a sensible device.

If you own a pen camera that allows a view finder to be used, you can surely go for this product. There are some personal reasons that will help you to choose a good product, and this is just one of the few reasons to consider when you are buying this camera view finder. When you are using a pen camera, it is only likely that you will come across certain shooting situations when you have to use a view finder. For all such times, this view finder is going to be a great buy. So, you should shop Olympus Elec View Finder VF-2 online. Most importantly, this device is really much simpler and better to use. You can use it with any pen camera because of its small and simple size. It will give you the best result and there's no doubt about it. It has been engineered to perfection and it gives you the right service as well. It fits snugly into hot shoe, which makes it perfect for use. So, if you have been rethinking whether to buy this or not, you should just go for it without a second thought.

In terms of features, there are some really great elements of this Olympus Elec View Finder VF-2, which you should note. It comes with great features to shoot in direct sunlight. It has 1.15 x magnifications. It gives you edge-to-edge sharpness as well. It has built-in diopter adjustment functions. It comes brightness and contrast control feature too. It can be tilted up to 90 degrees. So, using this view finder for pen camera, you will be able to do many things, which you might have otherwise not thought before. So, it's time you get it and start using it.

Product Features

  • 1.15" (W) x 1.9" (H) x 1.82" (D) (29.21 mm x 48.26 mm x 46.23 mm)
  • EVF Brightness and color temperature adjustment via camera menu (EVF ADJUST)
  • 100% Field of view
Product Details
Manufacturer Olympus
Brand Olympus
Model Number 260058
Colour Silver
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Optical Zoom 0.1x
Max Focal Length 0.1
Min Focal Length 0.1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 5.8 cm x 10.7 cm x 7.1 cm

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