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Olympus has Fallen

Olympus has Fallen

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Language English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
Format DVD
DVD Regions All regions
Actor(s) Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman
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Product Description

Olympus has Fallen is about the kidnap of the President of United States within the White House. Olympus is the secret code of the White House. Presidential Secret Service Agent Mike Banning is trapped within the White House. He is the only link with the national security team who are struggling to rescue the President.

The Story

Mike Banning is the secret service agent given the job of guarding the President and his wife. In one situation, Mike is under dilemma whether to save the President or his wife. He saves the President, and the First Lady dies in the attack. An anguished President sends Mike to a desk job. The President is not ready to have him back. After some years, there arises a situation when terrorists attack the White House, and the President is kidnapped. All the secret service agents get killed in the attack. Terrorists put forth their demands by contacting the Pentagon. They kill one person after another till their demands are met. How Mike saves the President and his son, this makes up the rest of the story.

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Product Details
Language English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
Publication Date September 2, 2013
Theatrical Release Date January 1, 2013
Format DVD
DVD Regions All regions
Genre Action
Censor Rating A (Adults Only)
Actor(s) Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman
Director(s) Antoine Fuqua
No of Discs 1
Studio Excel

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Overall Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  White House's Sizzling Capture 17 March, 2014 On
    Directed by Antoinne Fuqua, Produced by Gerard Butler/Alan Seigel/Mark Gill. Starring Gerard Butler/Aaron Eckhart/Morgan Freeman/Angela Bassett/Rick Yune. Music by Trevor Morris. Released by Film District

    Storyline: US President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart), is captured by a Korean terrorist group, in vengeance of USA’s deployment of its armed forces in the Korean seas. The group leader Kang’s (Rick Yune), an orphan due to US military actions in South Korea, organizes his forces to take control of the White House and its defense systems to force US to withdraw its forces from Korean seas and also activate ‘Cerebrus’, a US army nuclear missile self detonating software, in order to turn the entire land of USA into a mere radioactive wasteland forever.
    Kang’s plot is rendered void through the brave efforts of Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), a US secret service agent and former Army Ranger. He cleverly enters the White House and eliminates all of Kang’s group members and saves the President from sure death. He also successfully deactivates the self detonating timer, in the last second, only to save the entire nation from a permanent catastrophe.

    Positives: An action packed movie where we get to see the latest weapons of the world in full action. The audience will be awe-struck by the sheer military power of USA and the brains behind to control the same. The great pleasure one gets in seeing the White House destroyed by some foreign terrorists, through, computer aided graphical representation of the building and its surroundings, in note worthy. One must watch this film to gauge the potential of computerized presentation of such massive structures like White House on big screen. It’s really awesome to watch how one gets to feel as if the White House is really destroyed.

    Negatives: Is the most protected building of the world so vulnerable to a terrorist attack, despite the latest technology available to detect surface-borne threats? Then where is the real security in this world? One among the many rescue operation movies of Hollywood, with a tinge of one man attempt to save the country, highlighted once again.

    My rating is 3.75 out of 5
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