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Omron HEA-230 Glucometer

Omron HEA-230 Glucometer

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Overview: Omron Hea-230 Glucometer

They say, "Health is wealth." One of the most dreaded news that one never wishes to hear in a lifetime is that of the diagnosis of diabetes. Diabetes is often called 'the patient cancer'. Diabetes leads to a plethora of other health conditions which kills a person before his or her time. Diabetes is considered a hereditary disease but given the lifestyle people are forced to live, diabetes has become as commonplace as the common cold. When it comes to diabetes prevention is always better than cure. It is important to check your blood glucose level to keep a check and keep diabetes at bay. To help you check the blood glucose level regularly, it is important to keep a glucometer at hand to help with your periodic blood glucose test. Get the Omron HEA-230 Glucometer right away. Buy the Omron HEA-230 Glucometer online. It is now available online.

Product Features:

The Omron Glucometer helps detect blood glucose level effectively and with great ease. The glucometer is equipped with a very large LCD screen which facilitates easy reading. The glucometer is made to perfection to promote easy steps to conduct blood glucose levels. The device has a memory of up to 512 groups of measurements along with the record of date and time. The device has a display constant option of a week, two weeks and three weeks. The glucometer is powered by a 'AAA' battery that lasts long. The glucometer is equipped with the ability to convey error indications when stripes expire, is damaged or if used stripes are used again.

How to Use:

The Omron glucometer is very easy to use. To start with take the test strip provided and insert it carefully into the slot which is provided in the device for the insertion of the test strip. Prick a needle and bring the tip of the test strip to the blood maintaining a right angled inclination when doing so. Wait for the device to conjure the test result and then go ahead and read your test result to know your blood glucose level as easily as that.

Care and Maintenance:

The Omron glucometer device is to be kept safe in a clean and dry place. Make sure you keep the glucometer device away from extreme temperatures and away from inflammable areas and objects. It is advisable to not let moisture come in contact with the device. Buy the Omron HEA-230 Glucometer online today with just a mouse click. Shop online for Omron HEA-230 Glucometer today and stay healthy and aware. Beat diabetes and drink life to the lees!

Features: Omron Hea-230 Glucometer

  • Display average for 7, 14 and 28 days
  • Gives result in 5 seconds with only 0.1 microliter blood drop
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase

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