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Omtex Galaxy Orange Cricket Sports Sunglasses - White/Orange With Cover

Omtex Galaxy Orange Cricket Sports Sunglasses - White/Orange With Cover

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Product Description

Do your eyes hurt while you are on field? Do you miss catches because the sun gets in the way? If yes, then shop for the Omtex Galaxy Orange Cricket Sports Sunglasses - White/Orange With Cover online today and never miss a catch again. This pair of cricket sunglasses from Omtex has UV protection and the pair will surely keep your eyes comfortable all day long. The pair of sunglasses is a multi-colour pair and they will look good on you as well. So whatever your jersey colour is, the pair of Omtex cricket sunglasses is the accessory to wear on the field. So what are you waiting for? Shop for the Omtex cricket sunglasses online now and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Protection and Convenience

Sunglasses are a helpful accessory on the field. Whether you are playing a test match, Ranji Trophy match or a one-day international, you are bound to stay on the field in the sun for quite some time. Often it so happens that on a very sunny day a fielder tends to misjudge the distance of the ball. This leads to a lot of misfielding and dropped catches. There is a common saying in cricket that 'catches win matches' and often a team loses to its opponent because of dropped catches. You can try to prevent such dropped catches by wearing this pair of sunglasses. The Omtex cricket sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sunlight and provide your eyes with clear vision so that you will be able to clearly see the ball, even if it is a really high catch.

The Look and more

The sunglasses have a unique shape and they are designed to cover both the eyes. The pair of cricket sunglasses from Omtex does not have nose pads like standard sunglasses. Instead there are anti-slip nosepieces present that will make the pair of sunglasses more comfortable to wear. The weight of the sunglasses is spread over the entire nosepiece and is not concentrated on a particular area, as is in the case of nose-pads. So you will be able to wear the sunglasses throughout 50 overs without any problems. Sometimes you may have to play in stadiums where it is very windy. Dust and the cold wind will hamper your vision and will definitely cause trouble if you are a member of the fielding side. In such cases the pair of Omtex sunglasses is a must-have for you. This pair of anti-slip Omtex sunglasses will make sure that the glasses do not fall off, even if you have to run a long way to catch the ball. The strong hinges that join the arm-pieces to the main frame make sure that the sunglasses will last long. Well known players like Rahul Dravid, Mark Waugh, Saurav Ganguly, Chris Gayle and many other well-known players wear sunglasses to protect the eyes and avail crystal clear vision. So why wait? Buy the Omtex pair of cricket sunglasses online now.

Key Highlights

UV protection.

Comes with a cover and a wiping cloth.

One size fits all.

Multi-colour sunglasses look good as well.

Product Features

  • Back Cover Box
  • 100% Original
  • Top Quality
  • UV protected
  • Includes wiping cloth

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