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OnePlus One ZEN Etching Hard Cover Eagle

OnePlus One ZEN Etching Hard Cover Eagle

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Product Description

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We are dependent on them for managing our schedules, our entertainment and for connecting with our friends and near and dear ones. More and more people are now switching to smartphones because of the several channels of communication and entertainment they provide. This increasing demand for smartphones have led smartphone manufacturers to come up with devices that have advanced technology and new features integrated in them. However, smartphones are quite sensitive and susceptible to damage because of the sensitive systems they use. They need protection from dust, damage and dirt which can cause severe damage to their functioning. Another major cause for damage in smartphones is due to external injuries caused due to slips and falls. Many people have the habit of dropping their phones from their hands, which leads to external injuries. These slips and falls can over a period of time cause malfunctioning in phones. This is where you need mobile covers for their protection. You can also get mobile cover accessories that can help you protect your phone much more. Here is a product that can help you keep your phone safer.

This hard cover eagle mobile cover has been specially designed for the Zen OnePlusOne and is a must have for all OnePlusOne owners. This mobile cover is made of high grade material which can resist daily wear and tear and hence will last you a long time. It is compact and lightweight in design and hence will not add additional weight to your mobile phone. It is easy to install and remove. All you need to do to install this cover is slip it on to your phone's body and it will secure all possible entry points through which dust, dirt and moisture can enter your phone. Dust, dirt and moisture are the most common pollutants that can cause malfunctioning in your phone. Another reason for malfunctioning in phones is external injury due to slips and falls. This hard cover is shock absorbent and can protect your phone from scratches and dents resulting from such slips and falls. This cover can not only protect your phone from pollutants and external injuries, but it can also make it look more beautiful and attractive. It has a stunning eagle etched on the body in black and white colour. So get this phone cover today to keep your phone protected and also make it look more attractive.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Zen the Master, which specialises in mobile accessories such as mobile phone covers and screen guards. Other products from the brand include OnePlus One ZEN Etching Hard Cover Tiger, OnePlus One ZEN Soft TPU Case Black, OnePlus One ZEN Etching Hard Cover Waves, Batman Black Iphone 6, Zen The Master 15 etc.

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Product Details
Manufacturer H.T. Impex
Brand Zen The Master
Item Package Quantity 1

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