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OneTouch Ultra 50 Test Strips

OneTouch Ultra 50 Test Strips

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Overview: Onetouch Ultra 50 Test Strips

The OneTouch Ultra 50 Test Strips make an example of advancement in health technology. These strips are must have for all the people who have blood-sugar problems. You can easily check the level of blood sugar through these strips. The strip can check the blood sugar level with just a single drop of blood and it is the best glucometer in the market. To find out how the blood sugar level can be estimated with this device, you have to follow a couple of simple instructions. At first, prick your finger carefully such that it oozes out a pinch of blood. Then place this drop of blood on the right spot on the strip. After having done this, keep the test strip inside the one-touch meter system and click it. All you have to do now is wait for 5 seconds, that's it. It is that quick and easy to use! Once you have obtained the results, it will become faster for your doctor to suggest any change in medications, if needed. If you have a history of health problems due to spikes or drops in blood sugar levels, then a regular monitoring by these strips can help you keep a healthy life. You can be alert about your health conditions and can consult the doctor in case of any emergency. This is an easy to carry product because of its small size and light weight. You can use these strips on your finger, palm and forearm. The strips come in a pack of 50 and are also available online.

Features: Onetouch Ultra 50 Test Strips

  • Only used with the Onetouch Select Meter
  • Used by people with diabetes at home and health care professionals in the clinical setting
  • Are for use on the finger, palm, and forearm
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 100 grams

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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