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Only Love Is Real

Only Love Is Real

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Contributor(s) Brian L. Weiss
Binding Paperback
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Paperback, January 1, 2012

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Overview: Only Love Is Real

Only love is Real: The Story of Soulmates Reunited book is an emotional yet life affirming tale of human bondings. It goes beyond the ordinary tales spanning a few years. The book talks about eternal love, which is not bound by one birth. It weaves an incredible story that will keep the readers mesmerized till the end. The smooth narrative of the book makes it even more enthralling for the readers. The book is based on the various patients treated by the writer.

Powerful MessageOnly love is Real: The Story of Soulmates Reunited book tells a deep story in an easy to understand language. The complex plot of the story and its profound message is delivered in simple words, making this book suitable for the readers from all walks of life. The book goes through many ups and downs and takes the readers with it on this exciting journey. The story revolves around Elizabeth and Pedro. It also traces their past life regressions. The author treats this people as a doctor and provides a glimpse into their sessions. The book is written by Brian Dr. Weiss. The author has written several other bestselling books such as Past Life Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook, Same Soul, Many Bodies and Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past Life Memories. These books also revolve around the subjects of past lives and incarnations. The author has complete mastery over this subject and this is clearly visible throughout the book. The narrative of the book is compelling and makes the readers raise questions to seek the answers.

Deep ImpactMiracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past Life Memories will leave deep impact on its readers. It is an account of various hypnotic sessions conducted by the author on his patients. Under these sessions, the patients were made to recall their previous lives, which were analyzed to find their impact on their current lives. The book gives many profound messages to the readers such as death as an extension of life. It makes readers go beyond regular thoughts on life and death. To get this product, you can place the order online.

Product Details
Publication Date January 1, 2012
Publisher Piatkus Books
Contributor(s) Brian L. Weiss
Binding Paperback
Edition 1stEdition
ISBN 10 0749916206
ISBN 13 9780749916206
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Overall Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Credible but too preachy 10 April, 2013 On
    It is one of those extremely popular titles that you always find in every book store especially those on railway platforms and is also a favourite of the kids thrusting books into your face at traffic signals. Often I had picked it up, read the back cover and kept it back – my curiosity keen to know more about past-life regression and the sceptic in me put off by the overly preachy tone of it. Some of my friends have also read it and often talked about it. Yet I could never get myself to read it. Finally I picked it up after another discussion about past-lives with friends.

    One of the strengths of this book is that it gives strong references to actual medical sessions conducted by Dr. Brian Weiss. This makes it a lot more credible. He also goes into a fair amount of detail of some of the past-life events of his patients and that too helps. . It is hard to ignore the voice of someone who has done this to over a 1000 people. No way he could get away with something like this over such a long period of time. Most of these details, if needed, can easily be verified by a third party. Personally, I did feel a certain positive energy as I read through the book. At the same time, the book indeed is very preachy and repetitive in its message on love and forgiveness. Don’t get me wrong. These are the right messages and they make sense. Yet I would prefer them coming from a more spiritual source like the Gita. Here they tend to sound a little superficial and forced at times. One genuine question I had while reading the book was why are all recollections so pure in their essence, why don’t people remember more mundane or scandalous stuff – like eating a sandwich or having sex? Maybe the simple answer is that they do remember but the author kept them out of the text of his book.
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