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Onlyurs Retro Style Canvas Rivet Decorated Portable Carryall Bag

Onlyurs Retro Style Canvas Rivet Decorated Portable Carryall Bag

Brand OnlyUrs
Material Canvas
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Product Description

The OnlyUrs Retro Style Canvas Rivet Decorated Portable Carryall Bag is a funky companion for you to take with you wherever you go. It is your style statement to the world. It lets you pack in all your stuff as you set out for the day. Carry along all your essentials with you, and jazz up your attire with this funky patterned black and white bag with blue contrasting large front pocket. To be stylish and trendy with current youth wear, this canvas handbag has been purposely given a retro style look. The 70s black and white patterns will brighten up any outfit. This retro bag with a with a brown flat imprinted handle can complement any kind of informal attire, and is sure to get you a fair few compliments.

Product Description

This OnlyUrs retro carryall bag is made of a hardy tear resistant canvas. The material is the perfect answer to your busy lifestyle allowing you peace of mind to keep your belongings safe in the bag. You can use it on an everyday basis without it getting worn out easily. The bag has a predominant black and white design, with retro patterns imprinted on a black base. A contrasting blue pocket is placed on the front of the bag drawing even more attention to its quirky wonderfulness. The pocket has a border of rivets fastening it to the main body while increasing the x-factor of the bag. The OnlyUrs logo is imprinted subtly onto a side tag in one corner of the side seam in a simple stylish way thus not drawing attention away from the bag except only to show others your high taste in products. The sown lining of the outer fabric is stitched perfectly preventing any tears. The bag is closed with an upper zip that is of the highest quality and is covered with a matching brown zip cover. The bag has a width of 48 cms and a height of 32 cms.

The inside of the bag has a dark Zipper pocket, document pockets and a pocket to keep your mobile phone safe. The lining is smooth to prevent scratches to any delicate or fragile materials and yet hardy enough to resist tear. The strap is made of hardy synthetic cloth with a thick sturdy feel. The strap is brown in colour with a "Focus Baby" imprint on it. This adds to the fashion statement that your bag wields. The strap is sown at the seams to the bag ensuring that there is no accidental tear. The Bag comes with a 6 month manufacturer's guaranty.

Maintenance and Longevity

It is recommended that the OnlyUrs Retro Style Canvas Carryall Bag is cleaned simply using a wet cloth and perhaps a mild detergent to lengthen the life of the fabric. Wipe the dust off the fabric with a damp cloth before drying with a dry cloth. The quality fabric that the bag is made of insures a long lasting look. The tough yet soft handle ensures your comfort. This canvas bag from OnlyUrs will last for several years and will never go out of style. You cannot go wrong with its classic yet trendy product.

About the Brand

OnlyUrs Online Fashion India provides you with an exciting Online shopping experience. OnlyUrs brings you the latest fashionable and lifestyle products of Asian Fashion which are not easily available in local conventional stores. Their products are 100% imported fashion items from designers across Asia - Korean, Japanese and Hong Kong Fashion. OnlyUrs offers you quality brands and authentic designer products at affordable prices. Their range includes men and women's fashion, dress, party wears, shirts, boots, heels, pumps, bags, and accessories. They exclusively showcase unique collections, especially hand-picked from priority partners. They are the one stop shop for your trendy fashion and lifestyle product needs.

Product Details
Brand OnlyUrs
Material Canvas

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