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Operations Research,Swarup

Operations Research,Swarup

Language English
Contributor(s) Kanti Swarup, P. K. Gupta, Man Mohan
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Operations Research

Operation research is a complex subject that integrates statistics, mathematics and business economics to a great extent. It is very important for students to learn the basics of operation research thoroughly. Else, the advanced level study of the subject or research on the same will not be possible. Therefore, it is very important to know which books to consult. Operations Research is a useful book that helps readers understand this subject better and with more efficiency. This subject is complex and covers a vast area of topics, most of which are confusingly related to one another. But this book lucidly covers all the areas of the subject and helps students clarify all their topical doubts and ambiguities.

This book, authored by Kanti Swarup, P. K. Gupta and Man Mohan starts with a chapter on operation research. This chapter comprises all the basic concepts of the subject so that students can strengthen their knowledge base about it. If you have any topical confusion, you can clarify your doubts with the help of this chapter. Read this chapter thoroughly. There are theoretical discussions supported by practical examples and case studies. Once you acquire a basic understanding of the subject, it will be easier for you to understand further discussions about the same. Operations Research is available for online purchase in India. If you want to buy books online, take the assistance of to know the lowest possible price for your chosen product, sold by online sellers.

This book also includes chapters about linear programming problem, post-optimal analysis, the concept of duality in linear programming and the like. This book discusses topics in an easy manner, so that students can understand them without any effort. The language is also smooth and simple, so that students that don't have a strong English background can easily study this book. Goal programming is another important aspect of operation research, that students usually find difficult to learn. This book also discusses goal programming elaborately. It is a must-read for students of civil engineering, computer science engineering, chemical and software engineering. Also professionals that are working in the industry can consult this book. It is equally trusted by teachers, professors and researchers alike.

Operation research, sometimes also referred to as operation management, is a discipline dealing with the application of analytical methods that helps one make better and wiser decisions. Sometimes it is also considered as a mathematical sub-domain. The terms, decision science and management science are considered as mostly synonymous. Sometimes complex business or management decisions are made with the help of statistical analyses, mathematical modelling, mathematical optimisation and researches. The mentioned are some of the important elements of mathematical science. They are not simple, and require students to work hard. Therefore, if you are a student of operation research, you should be a diligent learner and a hard worker. This book is published by Sulthanchand, one of the well-known publishing houses in India that produces textbooks and study guides for school and college student. This is the sixteenth and a paperback edition of the book. It has the ISBN 10 number 818054771X and ISBN 13 number 9788180547713.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2010
Publisher Sulthanchand
Contributor(s) Kanti Swarup, P. K. Gupta, Man Mohan
Binding Paperback
Edition 16th edition, latest reprint
ISBN 10 818054771X
ISBN 13 9788180547713
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  1.  Best book for Management students 10 September, 2013 On
    As i am a mathematics honors student and i have use this book previously as well. But i will recommend this book for Management Operation research subject. As the details of every chapter like transportation problem, queuing theory, game theory and all are explained in details. The price is bit high but do not worry about it. If you are looking for good book with easy explanation i will suggest to go for this book.
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