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Opteka Large Professional Camera/Camcorder Action Stabilizing Handle XGRIP-XL

Opteka Large Professional Camera/Camcorder Action Stabilizing Handle XGRIP-XL

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Product Description

A camera captures your life's precious moments. To make them come out best and see as the happened is where a video camera comes in. But that is not all; the camera if properly stabilized can yield exceptional results. This is where the Opteka XGRIP - XL Stabilizing Handle adds as a great accessory. This Stabilizing handle is large and yet light and can be easily carried around and handles nicely. It even has an accessory port for major camera attachments and works in perfect synchronization with the camera design.

Opteka XGRIP - XL Large Professional Camera or Camcorder Action Stabilizing Handle with Accessory Shoe for Flash, Mic or Video Light is available in black and has a nice, soft grip on the handle which does not let it slip. The handle has a curved design which makes it very easy to hold and handle the device and carry it around. This device is very useful to record on the move and especially during very fast movements where there is a risk of the camera falling down. It can even be mounted on a flat surface like a moving vehicle or skateboard and the camera can be used to record some stunning videos.

The camera is attached to the base of the stabilizing handle and can be adjusted by its front and back movement. It has groves at regular intervals to fix the camera or a camcorder steadily onto the base. This can be done with the help of screws and the camera's or camcorder's bottom stand point is used. The accessory shoe is placed above the camera and the accessory can be connected to the camera or camcorder by an external cable. The external cable, though, does not hinder with the recordings and is placed well behind the lens. The accessory shoe can hold a flash, mic or a light. An external mic is greatly helpful in situations where capturing distant sounds clearly is required or at function when a particular person's or event's sound is to be captured minus the disturbance of other sounds.

The standard thread size of Π- 20 of most cameras fits in this handle. The extremely soft and padded handle makes sure you don't get tired of those long videos which require prolong and continuous shooting. The base is made of rubberized material to provide extra and superior grip. The shoe mount can be removed or attached as per the requirement and can house a variety of accessories depending on the need. What's more is that this entire unit is shock proof and will protect your precious camera or camcorder in the event of an unfortunate fall or a very sharp jerk. It can house a camera with a maximum height of 171 mm as this can be easily accommodated within the structure. The dimensions of the product are 254 X 343 X 91 mm and the entire unit weighs 440 grams without any device attached. This product comes with 1 year warranty from the manufacturer, Opteka.

About the Company

Optela was founded in 2002 and is now a top player in the market for converter lenses and filters as well as high magnification lenses. The company also has a vast line up of tripods, flashes and power grips which are of superior quality and are sought after products in the market. The company has a great profile for making camera accessories and the products are compatible with almost all the camera or camcorders in the market.

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Product Details
Manufacturer Opteka
Brand Opteka
Model Number OPT-XGRIPXL
Item Package Quantity 1

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