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Optimum Pro Complex Gainer 5.08 Lbs. Double Chocolate

Optimum Pro Complex Gainer 5.08 Lbs. Double Chocolate

Target Gender Male
Product Weight 2.3 kg
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Overview: Optimum Pro Complex Gainer 5.08 Lbs. Double Chocolate

High-metabolism, under-weight, muscular fatigue are common problems an overly lean individual has to combat while trying to gain weight. There are plenty of weight-gainers in the market but are more often misleading and make you accumulate fat instead of mass. It's really hard to find a good and reliable mass-gaining supplement that is equally high in protein and carbohydrates. This is where Optimum Pro Complex Gainer 5.08lbs stand a class apart from all other supplements.

A product of Optimum Nutrition, this product is a high-quality mass-gaining supplement which provides you 656 calories per serving and no added sugar. In addition it delivers 60g proteins, 85g complex carbs and 25g vitamins and minerals per serving (each scoop of 165g). Its double chocolate flavour makes it all the more appealing especially for youngsters who are struggling to gain weight. The chocolate flavour grows on you and you start loving it gradually. The Optimum Pro Complex Gainer is tailor-made to meet all the requirements of the body to stimulate muscle growth. It has complex carbohydrates, dietary fibres, whey protein, essential vitamins and minerals which your body demands as part of your diet to gain weight. It serves you with the right amount of calories you need after a workout. It also mixes well with milk and makes delicious shakes or smoothies. Not only those who aspire to become body-builders or weight-lifters, but under-weight youths can also consume this regularly in the morning and before going to sleep.

What is even more exciting is that now you can avail this quality product at your doorstep in an affordable price through junglee. Shop online at junglee and bring this quality product home. Consume it between meals or post work-out and give yourself that edge with some serious positive results. Highly recommended for those who want to gain weight and not fat.

Features: Optimum Pro Complex Gainer 5.08 Lbs. Double Chocolate

  • Ultimate lean gainer formula
  • 7 Superior Proteins Including Whey, Casein, and Egg
  • High Protein to Carb Ratio
  • Mixes Effortlessly with a Blender, Shaker, or Spoon
Product Details
Target Gender Male
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 2.3 kg

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