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Optivision 16 Channel DVR With 3G(16Video+2Audio)

Optivision 16 Channel DVR With 3G(16Video+2Audio)

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Product Description

We all need entertainment after a hard day's work. While some of rewind by listening to music, others watch videos or movies to relax. In order to fulfil our need for entertainment, we have invented different resources such as television, DVD and VCD players, music systems etc. All of us need entertainment to relax our mind and body. After a day of hard work, it is difficult to continue with work or focus on anything else without relaxing a bit. If your mind and body are tired and fatigued, you will not be able to concentrate on anything. Hence, it is important to give your mind and body a break and let them relax and rejuvenate before starting to work again. With the integration of technology in our lives, new devices are now available in the market that can help you relax your mind and get refreshed for work again. Movie players are one of the most common devices that are used by people for relaxing. There is nothing more relaxing that watching a good movie peacefully at home. You can easily unwind if you have a collection of good movies at home. Just slip in the disc and you have at least two hours of peaceful time, away from the worries of the world. It is very important to give the mind distraction for some time every day. This helps your mind relax and rest. Here is a produc that can help you make good use of your leisure time. All you need to do to buy this product is place and order online.

The Optivision 16 Channel DVR with 3G is a unique device that can help you enjoy your leisure time better. This product can help you enjoy real time and network video transmission. Other features include 1,4 Channel D1 playback at the same time. It also comes with recording mode that allows you record your favourite programmes with the different modes provided on the device. The different modes for recording include manual, timing, alarm. Motion detection feature is also included in the device. It has also has self-adaptive Ethernet interface, DDNS, setup needless. The back-up features include HDD, internet, USB, anti-lighting and anti-static. Mobile phones can also be used as remote control for this device. Android phones, Blackberry handsets, mobile systems, iPhones can be used as remote control for this device. This is the perfect entertainment unit and is a must have for every modern home. This product is available online and you can easily order it by placing an order online.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Optivision, which specialises in electronic products and accessories. Other products from the brand include high quality BNC connectors, CCTV camera connectors, CCTV camera accessories, CCTV dome cameras, CCTV night vision cameras, LCD multi function CCTV security camera testers etc.

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Product Details
Manufacturer OPTIVISION
Manufacturer Part Number OPT-E1602
Model Number OV-E1602
Item Package Quantity 1

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