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Optoma DX326 XGA 2800 Lumen Full 3D DLP Projector with HDMI
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Optoma DX326 XGA 2800 Lumen Full 3D DLP Projector with HDMI

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Product Description

Optoma brings you the DX326 XGA 2800 Lumen Full 3D DLP Projector. This is the ideal choice for all your operations to be done on the big screen at a very effective price. Be sure to get yourself the DX326 XGA 2800 and view projection from an advanced angle.

The Optoma DX326 XGA can be your perfect choice when it comes to projectors. This projector can be used efficiently outdoors and indoors. The applications of the Optoma projector are many. It can be used in a class room to teach students. It can be used in offices to view projects and presentations and can also be used for leisurely viewing at home, whether indoors or outdoors. The Optoma DX326 has dimensions of 28.7 cm x 19.3 cm x 10.1 cm and it can fit in any room without much hassle. The easy to operate features of the Optoma DX326 make it extremely user friendly. The Optoma DX326 is a DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector which is perfectly bright. It is designed to deliver quality projections whether in a classroom or office. The Optoma DX326 offers a contrast ratio of 13,000 : 1 and has 2800 Lumens. The specifications of the Optoma DX326 are all power packed to deliver the audience with the perfect picture quality. It is designed to give a perfect brightness in any room or outdoor. With the Optoma DX326, the images projected will be sharp and the audience can witness a perfect balance of colors as well. The Optoma DX326 is compact and light weight. It comes with an easy to understand and use intuitive menu which controls the different operations of the DLP projector that help to deliver a quality output through projection. The Optoma DX326 uses the Eco + Technology to ensure that the projection lamp burns for a longer time thus making it extremely energy efficient. The Optomo DX326 is designed in such a way that this DLP projector is guaranteed to give you years of trouble free operations.

The Optoma DX326 also supports 3D technology. With all the features in the DLP projector giving out the best image quality, you can experience 3D technology just like it is experienced in the theatres. It also features HDMI. The Optoma DX326 will function efficiently with low energy and is extremely cost effective. Now you can learn with crystal clear images or present your work in best quality with the Optoma DX326 DLP projector. You can watch movies and games at home too using the Optoma DX326 projector. It is truly a complete package of mind blowing features.

Product Features

  • Exceptional image quality with outstanding color reproduction
  • Full 3D for the most amazing, most immersive viewing experience
  • Remarkably powerful and bright
  • Advanced energy saving features to reduce the cost of operation
  • Easy to operate
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 28.7 cm x 19.3 cm x 10.1 cm

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