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Organic Chemistry (International Student Version) (WSE)

Organic Chemistry (International Student Version) (WSE)

Key Features Explores the fundamentals of organic chemistry Adds new Solved Problems to reinforce the concepts Includes bulleted lists that highlight important topics, definitions and concepts Contains additional bond-line drawings and ball-stick models Helps readers gain a more conceptual understanding of reaction mechanisms About the Book: Organic Chemistry Chemists use this resource to gain a more conceptualunderstanding of reaction mechanisms. The tenth edition has beenrevised to make the content even more accessible as it explores thefundamentals of organic chemistry. New Solved Problems have beenadded to reinforce the concepts. Bulleted lists are included tohighlight important topics and definitions. Additional bond-linedrawings and ball-stick models have also been added. Chemists willappreciate these changes as the book continues its tradition ofexcellence in preparing them for success. Contents The Basics: Bonding And Molecular Structure. Families Of Carbon Compounds: Functiona ... See more

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