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Language English
Contributor(s) Edward W. Said
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Orientalism

Edward W Said under the publication of Penguin India has brought out a book of the name Orientalism. The author feels that the concepts of the Arab world are too difficult to be grouped together and present as a coherent whole which encompasses each and every one to know about the subject. He highlights the role of orientalism in colonialism along with the bias of different cultures. It highlights the assumptions of dominance in orientalist scholarship. He has gone on to stress three major factors in orientalism which are it served political ends, it has gone on to define the self image of Europe and finally it has gone on to present a false image of the Arab world. The task of dealing with a broad concept in a small volume is all the more daunting. In the overall context his assumptions of casualty are not all that sufficient as well. More importantly he highlights the identity of certain people which needs immediate attention along with respect. On the flip side the book has its own share of controversies as well. When you go through the book one thing is clear and that is Orientalism is all about the west and it is about how the west see the east in short. Orientalism has gone to create shock waves throughout the academic domain ever since its publication in the year 1978. The writing style of the author is clear and forceful and at the same time the arguments are cogent. The extent to which the work has been cited really deserves accolades to the influence on the people it had and that too after twenty years. IF you want to own this book you can go to the website with the ISBN 10 0143027980 or ISBN 13 9780143027980 code respectively.

Features: Orientalism

  • Non Fiction
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date November 26, 2001
Publisher Penguin India
Contributor(s) Edward W. Said
Binding Paperback
Edition 2001
Page Count 416
ISBN 10 0143027980
ISBN 13 9780143027980
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