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Orpat Iron-607 Iron (P.Blue)

Orpat Iron-607 Iron (P.Blue)

Brand Orpat
Model Number 607
Colour Blue
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Overview: Orpat Iron-607 Iron (P.Blue)

Ironing clothes can be a necessary task but something dull and monotonous too. These days others judge you not only by the quality of your dress but also by its smart appearance. An expensive dress that is not ironed well is a glorified rag. So to make your clothes really stand out you need The Orpat Iron-607 Iron as with it even an old dress can be made to look anew.

Now that the house of Orpat has introduced their latest in the long series of steam irons, your work has become very convenient and easy. This elegantly designed steam iron in the softest of blue shades has been exclusively manufactured to deliver optimum ironing results. The major feature of this unique steam iron is that the whole thing comes enveloped in a non-stick material, ensuring smooth and effortless gliding over your clothes, whatever may be the fabric. This means that even if the iron is overheated the fabric will not stick to the soleplate.

The Orpat Iron-607 Iron comes with certain powerful features. The one thing you notice when you take it in your hand is that it weighs hardly anything and with an ergonomically designed handle that you can grip firmly, it makes the process of ironing quite effortless. This efficiently contoured iron uses 1100 Watts, enough power to iron the roughest fabric. As soon as the temperature of the iron reaches the pre-sent temperature, the power indicator light turns itself off automatically.

The pointed tip of the Orpat Iron-607 Iron can reach even the most unreachable parts of your dress, thereby ensuring a perfectly pressed dress, that is a joy to put on. As a safety measure, it has a safety thermal fuse that cuts power automatically in case of any mishap. And the steam produced by the iron is dispersed through the vents in the right volume and irons out all wrinkles and folds. So if you want your clothes to be perfectly pressed every time, you need to do only just one thing: buy the Orpat Iron-607 Iron.

Features: Orpat Iron-607 Iron (P.Blue)

  • Variable heat setting,thermostat control
  • Non-stick Coated Soleplate
  • 1100 W Power Consumption
  • Temperature Control
  • Leak proof water tank
Product Details
Manufacturer Orpat
Brand Orpat
Model Number 607
Colour Blue
Wattage 1,100 Watts
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded Electric

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