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Orpat 907 Ajanta Minimalistic Wall Clock

Orpat 907 Ajanta Minimalistic Wall Clock

Brand Orpat
Model Number Wall Clock
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Overview: Orpat 907 Ajanta Minimalistic Wall Clock

Every room requires a wall clock but just putting any odd clock on your wall is not sufficient, you need to be careful in picking a correct wall clock for your rooms. The clock should suit the room and blend in with the style of your room. Orpat has a wide range of clocks, wall clocks, table clocks in all shapes and sizes. The rooms of your home come in different shapes and sizes and sometimes clocks that may look good in shop do not look good in the room for which you have bought for. Some clocks look very striking and good but when we buy them and place them on the walls they look dull and loud. Their latest addition Ajanta Simple Clock Model 907, it's a very elegant looking clock. This clock is simplicity amplified and due to this very simplicity is suitable for every wall and every room.

This clock is a square clock and the dimensions are 216 x 213 x 34 mm and has a black solid border which looks very smart and chic. The inner dial is of a very light off white color. The combination of this black border along with the inner lighter shade looks elegant and stylish. The clock is analog and this makes reading time very easy even for kids. The numbers are in big size so that it can be clearly seen from even far also. The clock movement is quartz, quartz movement is the latest in technology and this will give proper time for ages to come. A Quartz crystal regulates an electronic oscillator that helps to give proper time for years to come. This clock looks stylish and elegant and you can use it in any room of your house. This clock is sure to enhance the beauty of your room as it will blend in beautifully with your décor. This clock is so simple and sweet that it will blend in very nicely with the décor of your room. The color and the shape of this clock are just perfect for any room. And the functions are so good and it will give precise time for years to come.

Orpat is a group of companies based in Gujarat, in India. Their presence is not only in full of India but all over the world. This group of companies manufactures a wide range of products. They are a diversified company. Orpat brand is a brand that means precision. They are continuously striving to develop technologically and for that they have a very active Research and Development team. This company is known for innovations and excellent quality of their products. Orpat assures good quality products to their customers. Their products are well-designed and look great. Orpat clocks are of superior quality and the packaging of their products ensures scratch and damage free products. Ajanta Simple Clock Model 907 By Orpat is a product that in its simplicity and elegance will surely be something you would be proud to place on a wall of your favorite room, to bag this simplicity of time piece logon to brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you have a happy shopping experience. Kindly refer it to your friends and family!

Product Details
Manufacturer Orpat
Brand Orpat
Model Number Wall Clock

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