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Orpat Beep Alarm Clock (Red, TBB-137)
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Orpat Beep Alarm Clock (Red, TBB-137)

Lowest online price: 200
Brand Orpat
Model Number TBB-137
Colour Red
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Overview: Orpat Beep Alarm Clock (Red, TBB-137)

Punctuality and disciple are very important in our daily life; this ensures the work is done in a proper manner without delays. Early to bed early to rise, this is an old saying but it has huge importance in both our personal and professional life. Mornings are the best time to start something new with completely positive energy and outlook. If you are looking for something that makes it possible for you to amend to your time lines in life then you are on the rite page. presents to you a simple yet elegant looking Beep Alarm Clock by Orpat.

Product Feature

The Orpat TBB 137 alarm clocks runs on a quartz technology with a wide and accurate display on the front. It has a strong yet durable body made with the fine plastic material; it has been given a soft finish and a beautiful red colour making it attractive to the eye of its user. The compact machine is extremely easy to use as well as it is safe to be even get operated by kids to set up alarm for their school. The screen is covered with a glass which is of a fine quality and scratch proof, so that it does not break in case it falls from a decent distance. The numbers are displayed with a bold font easy to be read from a distance and the knob is being provided to set the timer for the alarm that is placed at the back of the clock. It is easy to operate as one has to just set the time which can be seen through the red hand and then pull the red knob given at the top to the alarm clock. When the alarm rings one has to put the knob down to disable the alarm. The beeping sound is soothing yet sharp so that the person sleeping doe not miss it while it is ringing. It is compact in size and extremely light in weight making it possible to carry along with you wherever required.

Company's Information

Orpat is an Indian brand well known for its efficient products serving numbers of customers across the country. The company has proved its performance with a huge demand of its products. Orpat takes full responsibility and is accountable for its products in case of any damage of malfunctioning. Its analog display makes it a favourite choice for many students and professional.

Product Specification

The Orpat alarm clock is square in shape with a white background making the numbers visible even at night. It has rounded corners designed to protect the user from any scratch or cut from the edges while operating the alarm clock. It is extremely light weighted as well as its dimensions are as per the market standard i.e. 7.18 cm x 3.3 cm x 6.8 cm. It can prove to be a great gift for students to help them maintain a healthy habit of getting up early in their routine as well as for elderly people to set alarm for their morning walks or important events. The red colour makes the regular looking alarm clock quite bright and smart; it is also among the favourite choice and fast selling colour in the market. The price for the alarm clock has been carefully set to meet the expectation of the user as well as his pocket.


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Features: Orpat Beep Alarm Clock (Red, TBB-137)

  • Color: Red
  • Item Size: 7.18 cm x 3.3 cm x 6.8 cm
  • Analog Display
Product Details
Manufacturer Orpat
Manufacturer Part Number OPT_TBB-137_RED
Brand Orpat
Model Number TBB-137
Colour Red

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