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Orpat OCH 1270 - Room Heater

Orpat OCH 1270 - Room Heater

Brand Orpat
Model Number OCH-1270
Size As Shown
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Overview: Orpat OCH 1270 - Room Heater

Winter is the favourite season of many people. It is the season when you do not feel sweaty and exhausted and you get to enjoy picnincs. However, the same winter is usually harsh for young children and the elderly members of your family. However, you need only a good room heater in order to make winters cosy and enjoyable for them too. Are you looking for an efficient and portable room heater? Do want a room heater that is easy to operate? If your answer to the above questions is 'yes', then you should buy Orpat OCH-1270 room heater online today. The device warms the room quickly and uniformly, is easy to operate and is portable too. Since it is available online, you can save your time by placing the order for the product from your computer or smartphone. The room heater will be delivered to your preferred address without any hassles.

Features of the Orpat Room Heater

This room heater by Orpat has two power modes - 1000 Watts and 2000 Watts. It has a turbo design in order to facilitate better heating. The room heater has a variable thermostat so that you can control the temperature inside the room efficiently. One of the notable technical advantages that this room heater offers to you and your family is total safety. This is ensured by the overheat cut off mechanism integrated with the thermostat of the device. In addition to adjustable heat settings, this Orpat white and brown room heater has adjustable height settings too. Therefore, you can place it at a distance from you and change the height so that the direct flow of hot air does not discomfort you. The heating element in the room heater is resistant to sagging. That is why you can use the room heater for hours at a stretch without issues.

Design of the Orpat Room Heater

Orpat has designed this white and brown room heater in order to meet the requirement of both urban and rural dwellers. It is a sleek and compact device with simple control mechanism. The shape and size of the room heater resembles old radio sets. The front side of the room heater has the vent from where the hot air is blown out. Either of the rear corners on the top panel has regulators for heat and air flow control. The regulators are intuitive and you can change the settings conveniently. There is also a handle on the top panel. It allows you to comfortably hold the device in your hand while you carry it from one place to another. The right panel of the room heater has another vent which allows the device to suck air in.

Benefits of Orpat Room Heater

The Orpat Room heater warms the room quickly. The device has been incorporated with a uniform heating mechanism which ensures that everyone inside the room feels equally cosy and warm. The room heater maintains the humidity in the room too. Therefore, no one inside the room will feel irritated due to the air being too dry. The compact size of the device allows you to easily carry it from one room to another. All you need to enjoy the benefits offered by this device is to shop online for the Orpat room heater at the earliest.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Orpat Room Heater

The essential information about using, cleaning and storing the Orpat room heater are mentioned on the user manual that is supplied along with this device. So the first thing you should do is read the instructions carefully. Once you are adequately aware of the device, you can use it with confidence and without any concern about damaging it. In general, you should keep it away from any sources of water. You should also place it on a steady surface to avoid it falling from a considerable height.

About Orpat

Orpat is an Indian group of companies based in Gujarat. It is engaged in designing and developing a wide range of electrical and electronic appliances such as a room heater, fans, calculators, clocks and more. The products of Orpat are sold in India as well as exported to several other countries.

Key Highlights

1000 Watts / 2000 Watts

Thermal cut off safety

Non sagging heating element

Black body

Power indicator 

Features: Orpat OCH 1270 - Room Heater

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Product Details
Brand Orpat
Model Number OCH-1270
Colour Name N.a.
Size As Shown

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