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The Other Side: Dare To Visit Alone?
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The Other Side: Dare To Visit Alone?[Kindle Edition]

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Language English
Contributor(s) Faraaz Kazi, Vivek Banerjee
Binding Kindle Edition
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Kindle Edition

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Product Details
Language English
Publication Date November 10, 2013
Publisher DigiImprint Solutions
Contributor(s) Faraaz Kazi, Vivek Banerjee
Binding Kindle Edition
Edition First
Page Count 209
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Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars
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     Everybody is a Book of Blood 6 April, 2014 On

    Book Review: The Other Side by Faraaz Kazi: Everybody is a Book of Blood

    Horror is usually not the genre that I like to read but there have been exceptions in the past that I read and liked them and so is the case with The Other Side ... Dare To Visit Alone by Faraaz Kazi and Vivek Banerjee. Human tendency is more to opt for good side of anything specially when it comes to a road which is to be traveled alone. Good is not always good and bad is not always bad. Also good is not always real, and the other side gives you a better insight, better perspective, and a little more to ponder upon than the routine life.

    The Other Side by Faraaz Kazi and Vivek Banerjee published by Mahaveer Publishers is a 320 pages and 13 stories book. Each story takes you to a different angle of life and makes you think in a different manner to look at it depending on the amount of gravity of subject you have been able to grasp while reading each one of them. For instance one of the story is about a young newly married couple living in a remote area where population of transport and human is very low. Nikhil is a doctor who has got transferred to a remote village and Lavanya is his newly wed wife. One night Nikhil encounters a man on a lonely road while travelling along with Lavanya in their car. The main standing on the side of a dark and isolated road requests Nikhil to attend to his wife who is in very serious condition and needs an urgent medical attention. Nikhil and Lavanya visit the old house on a barren land and Nikhil attends to that old lady. The old couple in return give a valuable gift to Lavanya. But when Nikhil and Lavanya visited the same place after a few days, it was entirely a different situation for both of them that was more than enough to get shocked.

    Similarly we have another story where a newly wed couple decides to go for a weekend to a hill station. Sachin decided to take Shikha on bike to the hill station to spend their weekend and revive back their good old days back where they used to love each other like anything. The weather goes nasty but still the couple is able to reach to their destination to spend few moments of love between them. Just one connection that I failed to correlate between the spirit Ranjit Singh that was invited by Tanya to answer the queries of Shikha and Sanjana and Ranjit who met the couple (Shikha and Sachin) on the hill station. May be there was no link but then why the author used same name and for what purpose... could not find out.

    The 13 short stories are definitely going to take your mind and heart for a toss, to get you into a different kind of inquisitive and introspective mode. The Other Side by Faraaz Kazi and Vivek Banerjee is definitely an off-stream and a different kind of book comprising horror stories that make you THINK.
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  2.  Some Good Some ok Stories. 8 November, 2014 On
    PS: I received the copy for a review blog tour

    The Other Side is a collection of thirteen stories each with different paranormal activities and if you include the awesome Prelude and Epilogue you'll get 15 awesome (in creepy way) stories.

    Each story is different from other. If one had tortured but good souls other had the most ruthless killer, if one was come unknown creature other was a loving and innocent soul of a motherless child and so on.

    I lost into the book right from page one (i.e Prelude) where our main characters are both the authors who are trying to brainstorm a theme for their new book. And then the stories. I am going to share my feedback on each story:

    1. That Fateful Night (4/5): This was a very nice start to the book. The story is about an aged couple who died century ago when no one stood up to help them. It shows us the good side of the "other" world. I also liked the hidden message in the story- never neglect old people in our surrounding.

    2. The Long Weekend (2.5/5): The start was interesting with all the planchette reading and Ouija board but I was lost, confused towards the end. I could not understand what happened (but maybe its just dumb me ;) ).

    3. The Man Who Did Not Fear (5/5): This was my favorite. It made me shiver, had my heart beat faster and I had goosebumps even after finishing the story. It was awesomely filled with horror which left me sweating in this biting cold. It is about a college guy who considered himself fearless and agreed to stay in an old hunted house for a night when his friends offered him cash as a bet.

    4. Strangers In the Night (4/5): Nicely written story that surprised me at the climax. It had the perfect start with a guy giving lift to a beautiful girl who was standing outside the cemetery.*SPOILER* All along the story I thought that 'bad guy' was the girl and then bam! it was other way around- you are introduced to the famous paranormal creature the Handsome Werewolf. (So ladies be careful before taking that lift just make sure you are not with some sickeningly handsome werewolf ;) ) *SPOILER END*

    5. The Muse Comes Calling (5/5): Another awesomely superb story with the amazing theme. It features a guy named Abhijit Mukherjee who has become a bestselling author. What Happens when the characters you created comes to life? And they didn't at all liked the way you told their story?
    Wanna know? Read this story and you'll get all your answers *evil smile*

    6. The Lady In The Pub (3/5): It was a nice story but was not horrifyingly creepy which could make me excite or jump. It is story about a girl who never got the love of her life and now she comes searching for him periodically.

    7. A Mother's Love (3.5/5): It was a sweet paranormal story. It have a couple who longed to have a child but for some unexplained reasons couldn't, it has a old bungalow from British India period and cute ghost of a little boy who was motherless since his birth. I liked how the authors interconnected the events in the story and gave us such a nice ending.

    8. Red Bangles (2/5): It was an ok read. A 'stay in the background kind of teenager' boy who felt an instant attraction towards his new classmate and then the rejection and then finally the extreme step of kidnapping her but with a paranormal touch. I don't think it was strong theme for a paranormal story.

    9. The Mark of The Beast (3.5/5): Nice read but didn't had anything new. The story was very similar to various tales popular among old people. A cursed creature and his encounter cursing the people who came across him giving them a fate harsh then death.

    10. The Mystery Lake (5/5): It was based on the folklore related to the famous Roopkund Lake. I stumbled across the folklore few months back and since then have been attracted to the mysterious place. And reading about the same story with an another angle was superb experience and it was almost believable to me .

    11. Possession (3/5): It was an amazing story but I found it similar to the movie 'The Exorcist'. Had I not seen the movie, I am sure I would have surely liked to read the story and would have been scared to the core.

    12. Unfulfilled Desires (4/5): It was a bit common theme of a back stabbing lover who killed his so called love and made people think that it was a suicide leaving the girl dead with 'unfulfilled desires'. But the way authors weaved the mystery and made our protagonist solve the mystery was amazing.

    13. Dream Girl (4/5): *shudders* This was really creepy. It had a psychotic killer who is making some kind of 'creation- his creation'. While reading it I recalled the movie The Silence of The Lambs and shivered imagining all the gory killings. *shakes of that creepy feeling*

    EPILOGUE: It was the perfect ending. It felt amazing to read about Bhangarh (another place which I have find very facinating) Having heard so much about the place and living just 80kms from the place I have always wished to visit it and I hope my father takes me there soon.

    OVERALL the book was nicely written, with amazing detail and with almost imagery language, which made it more fun (in horror kind of way) to read it. It was an wonderful experience and had raised my interest in the genre.

    Original Post on blog: Gateway To Different World
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