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Ozomax Micro Foldable Hair Dryer (Color May Vary)

Ozomax Micro Foldable Hair Dryer (Color May Vary)

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Overview: Ozomax Micro Foldable Hair Dryer

At a time when everything has become time consuming and people are in a rush to meet deadlines, to do whatever it takes to complete tasks in the shortest span of time. Keeping this in mind, brands have introduced appliances that have helped people meet deadlines and never run out of time even with the smallest details that time consumes in their lives. Hairdryers have been the most sought after appliances in every household. Gone are those days when people would leave their houses with wet hair after a shower were at a drawback of not being able to dry their wet hair in a hurry to reach, school, college or work. Owning the correct hair dryer is a necessity and if you are searching for a useful hair dryer that would suit your purposes, then your search definitely ends here. Ozomax, a renowned electronics appliance brand, brings to you the Micro hair dryer that is sure to solve your purposes and speed up the process of drying your hair. Shop for the Ozomax Micro Hair Dryer AKH1201 online. Take a look at its features.

Product Features:

This hair dryer by Ozomax is the perfect option for all those who travel frequently as it is foldable and very compact, and can be easily carried in the pocket of your travelling bag. A smart and simple outlook with user friendly mechanics that are not complicated, this is an easy to use hair dryer that can be easily operated. It has a slender body that is not too bulky and can be easily held in your hand while you are using it. It features a switch button in the centre of the handle for the power as well as 2 adjustable heat and speed settings which would enable you to control the temperature of your preference according to how wet your hair is. It must also be kept in mind to not use a lot of heat on your wet hair as it could lead to damage of your hair roots. Thus, alternating between the heat switches of the dryer would be a very safe and practical way of using this hair dryer. It also features a foldable handle that makes it easily portable and also enhances a proper form of storage. This appliance consumes 220 V of power. The constant temperature of the hair dryer enables you to dry your hair very quickly and to the correct amount that you require so that you do not over dry your hair which could lead to damaging of the hair roots. You can alternate between the hot air and the cold air feature with the help of which you can be sure to allow your hair to be exposed to maximum amount of hot air which could damage the hair and burn it. With the help of this constant alternating between temperatures, your hair will retain its natural moisture levels and would result in giving you soft, smooth and silky hair. The cord of the hair dryer is also long enough to help you stand at quite a distance from your switchboard if you want to dry your hair in front of your mirror in case it is far from your switch board. Compact and practical, this Ozomax Micro Hair Dryer AKH1201 is a must buy as it features all that you are possibly looking for in a hair dryer.

The many uses of a Hair Dryer:

At a time when people everywhere are in a hurry to reach their respective destinations because time waits for none, it is not only your hair that could require drying. For those women who have applied a fresh coat of nail polish, the hair dryer could come in handy to hurry up the process of drying it. If you have spilt water on your clothes and are in rush to leave home, but cannot until your clothes dry, once again the hair dryer will come to your rescue. It will instantly dry your clothes if you direct in the area of the wet clothes. If you happen to drop water on your phone, you can use your hair dryer to remove the moisture and dry your phone by removing your phone's battery and drying it with a hair dryer that would dry it completely, in turn saving your phone from complete damage. Therefore, the number of uses that a hair dryer can be put to is numerous apart from just being used to dry your hair. It can be a boon at an age where time rushes past us because of which we cannot afford to waste even a minute of it.

Shop for the Ozomax Micro Hair Dryer AKH1201 online and never leave your house with wet hair and be on time, wherever you go.

Features: Ozomax Micro Foldable Hair Dryer

  • Two Speed for Extra Drive.
  • Double Speed.
  • Fast Drying.
  • Compact and Travel Hair Dryer
  • Comfortable Grip. Foldable Handle.

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