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Lemon P103 (OLD_2)

Lemon P103 (OLD_2)

Display Size 5 inches
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Overview: Lemon P103 Mobile Phone

This product from the house of Lemon is a perfect smartphone that has the blend of magnificence and features and is designed to provide an all-round performance to its users. Brought to you by the famous brand Lemon, this phone is loaded with features that make this phone an ideal choice for smartphone users. This Lemon P103 Phone is a desirable and stylish one. The touch interface is sensitive and wide enough, so that you can use this phone as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Now texting and gaming will be fun and useful too. This powerful battery will save time on charging and you will not ne interrupted due to frequent charging. It offers large span of time for making uninterrupted conversations. You can do lots of other things apart from making and receiving calls. With the help of this phone, you can open a new world of promises for yourself. The storage capacity is enough to store all the important files like documents, pictures and videos. You can send and receive e-mails, watch and download videos, listen to music, prepare presentations and do most of your office work while you are travelling. When you buy Lemon P103 Phone online, you will love this gadget as it will keep you occupied all the time. The package comes with all the products that are required to run a phone. All the components are carefully packed in the box. It will reach you in a matter of days and you can order for it from the comfort of your house

Product Features

With 5 inch Display, it offers a decently large screen and the colours and the brightness of the display can be adjusted as per your convenience. Hence, you can easily watch videos and movies in superior resolution. The contrast is sharp, and the colours are spectacular. The quality camera of 03 MP and wide exceptional features of the touchscreen boasts of performance of superior class. It has 512 RAM and the internal memory. You will not have to lose your pictures and other important files as the storage capacity will help you to store all your photos and videos and you will never have to worry about losing them. This phone is loaded with the features that are much required in today's time and you cannot imagine leaving your house without it. To help you stay connected with the world, this phone comes with in-built browser and some useful applications. The powerful processor combines with strong battery to give you quality performance for long and uninterrupted hours. It is here to deliver exceptional performance with clear images and videos. You will also find the rare applications that are available only in HTC phones. You can download various applications to make the most out of internet. Applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and others will work flawlessly on this phone. There are various options for connecting and transferring files. Bluetooth connectivity will help you to easily transfer files from one phone to another. You can even transfer files from a laptop to this phone, with the help of the Bluetooth option. It is a phone that will serve you with exclusive features and is easy to use is here for you. It is brought to you by Lemon.

Dual SIM

The dual SIM nature is found in very few phones and it is here to make your lives easy. This feature is useful for many as it makes their lives easier that are always on the move. Roaming charges and network problems can pose a problem for them who travel long distances. With the help of the dual SIM feature, you can get hold of a temporary local number, without having to change the permanent number. The phone comes with one year manufacturer warranty for the device and six months for in-box accessories which include batteries and adapter.

Care and Maintenance

You should apply a proper cover for this phone. It will not only protect the phone on sudden falls, but would also guard the device from dirt and dust particles. These are the two main harmful objects that can ruin the hardware. You will be in love with this phone as it is one of the coolest gadgets around. For battery protection, it is advised that you keep the phone switched off for minimum 2 hours a day. This will provide the phone with effective battery conservation. Overcharging too is harmful for the battery life. However, you should know that phones are really vulnerable they demand proper care and maintenance for good longevity. To ensure that the delicate engineering is free from damages, you have to be careful while carrying it. You must keep this gadget away from water and should not touch it with wet hands. Keep it away from children who are not aware of the proper handling of the phone. Accidental falls can cause serious damage. 

Product Details
Model Number P103
Colour Name Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Included RAM Size 512 MB
Display Size 5 inches

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