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PC Shift 2:Unleashed (Standard Edition)

PC Shift 2:Unleashed (Standard Edition)

Censor Rating A (Adults Only)
ESRB Rating Mature
Manufacturer Electronic Arts
Platform Pc
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Overview: PC Shift 2

Video games have been immensely popular ever since they released and have been a childhood companion to a lot of children in their growing up years. With the world becoming technology driven day by day, video games have become a necessity rather than a mere passtime, engaging not only children but teens and adults equally. Over the years video games have evolved in graphics, technique and variety, not just limited to being played on the television, but also on computers and gaming devices such as play stations. The number of games being released and their wide variety have left people spoilt for choice, leading them to collect a large number of games belonging to different genres. If you are an adrenaline junky who enjoys games that denote speed then the PC Shift 2:Unleashed (Standard Edition) is a must to add to your collection.

Features of The Game

The Shift 2 Unleashed was previously known as Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed and had become a rage ever since its release, popular for its graphics and never ending fun. The second part of the Need For Speed series, it is the seventh installment in the long series of Need For Speed. Developed by Slightly Mad Studios, published by Electronic Arts, this game is a direct sequel that expands on various aspects of the original game. The game redefines the racing genre with its delivery of authentic and life like dynamic crash physics with detailed real world cars, tracks and drivers. Hone your driving skills and become the PC world champion with endurance races and circuit competitions. The career mode has Formula D champion Vaughn Gittin who guides the player through his career, with car customizations and Autolog which teaches the player how to drift in order to reach the next level of GT3 and finally the GT1 championship. Shift 2 also includes a helmet camera with the player's viewpoint which is of the driver, with the helmet possessing the ability to move the head of the driver, while he is drawn side to side with jerks and the speed of the car. The Shift 2s night racing is much more advanced with the headlights turning off or dimming if damaged, giving it a very realistic feel. The Autolog system that appears in Shift 2 includes extra features that not only provide track times, but also data that is based on race types and automotive disciplines. This feature also contains a powerful social network function which connects friends and changes the gameplay, allowing you to share every aspect of your racing career. This Autolog feature boosts the social competition of the real world by delivering challenges and creating both online and offline healthy competitions.

Benefits of The Game

The game is a sequel that includes benefits never seen before, attracting gaming fans to a large extent. These features enhance your experience and boost your adrenaline with life like cars and drivers that immerse you in the game. Experience the next level of immersion with first person racing never seen before. Shift 2 leaves no detailing left untouched with its authentic sense of car crashes to terrifying night racing with battle scars and every experience of a real life racing event. The game also features an amazing career depth with variety enabling you to unlock and participate in multiple races that help you to become the GT1 world champion. Unleash your creative side and turn elite vehicles into weapons that are fire breathing. You can also customize the engine body, suspension and create your ultimate racing car. Featuring all that is new, this game involves endurance races to retro and muscle cars that give you the flexibility to choose your desired path to fit your style of gaming. The battle of the race does not end at the finish line and continues to extend throughout the game's entire racing career. Experience the joy of never having to play a game that is repetitive, with each level being different from the other. Play alone or with a friend via the multi player option and enjoy a fun filled and adrenaline pumping evening at home.

Key Highlights

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Series: Need for Speed

Special Autolog Feature

Enjoy fun filled holidays with the adrenal pumping races and become the GT1 world champion with the new sequel of Need for Speed. Shop online for the PC Shift 2:Unleashed (Standard Edition) and immerse yourself in a world of speed and fun!

Product Details
Censor Rating A (Adults Only)
ESRB Rating Mature
Manufacturer Electronic Arts
Platform Pc

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