PMP Exam Prep: Rita's Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam

PMP Exam Prep: Rita's Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam

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Language English
Contributor(s) Rita Mulcahy
Binding Paperback
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Overview: PMP Exam Prep

PMP Exam Prep: Rita's Course in A Book For Passing the PMP Exam is a best-selling and thorough preparation book designed for professionals interested in appearing for the PMP examination. This best-selling examination resource has more than 400 practice questions that are specifically designed to prepare professionals for each aspect of the examination. The book was published by Rmc Publications Inc in June 2013.

This book includes chapters that are specifically dedicated to ensuring that professionals and students are able to pass the examination in their first attempt. The book lays specific emphasis on project issues that are relevant to real world scenarios. It also comes with a wide range of exclusive exercises. The book also provides easy references to PMBOK guide pages, guaranteeing an easy look-up feature. The book has been designed to simplify the learning experience, ensuring that learning about the concepts becomes extremely rewarding and enriching.

The book features several new exercises as well as sample questions to provide thorough understanding of the concepts and to deliver a unique perspective providing new tips as well as techniques that can be implemented in real world projects.

PMP Exam Prep: Rita's Course in A Book For Passing the PMP Exam has been written by Rita Mulcahy, a certified PMP. She is widely regarded as an international expert in the field of project management. She has founded RMC project management, one of the foremost firms providing assistance in the fields of project management, training as well as consulting. She has also written other popular books including PM Crash Course for IT Professionals: Real World Project Management Tools and Techniques for IT initiatives and CAPM Exam Prep. This book is available online in the paperback edition. It has the ISBN 10 number of 1932735658 and ISBN 13 number of 9781932735659.

Features: PMP Exam Prep

  • Eight Edition
  • Project Management
  • Writer: Rita Mulcahy
  • Paperback Edition
  • ISBN-10: 1932735658
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date June 1, 2013
Publisher Rmc Pubns Inc
Contributor(s) Rita Mulcahy
Binding Paperback
Edition Eighth
Page Count 611
ISBN 10 1932735658
ISBN 13 9781932735659
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 1.7 kg
Product Dimensions 3.8 cm x 21.6 cm x 27.3 cm

Editorial Reviews


After years of managing projects, I did NOT look forward to preparing for the PMP exam. I was convinced the process was going to be tedious and overwhelming, but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened PMP Exam Prep! From the beginning of the book through the end, I actually ENJOYED my study experience reviewing concepts from a different perspective, learning how these concepts might be asked on the exam, and picking up lots of new tips and techniques to use on my real-world projects.

This book made the certification process not only fun, but extremely valuable in my day-to-day job. I wish I had found this book earlier in my career!

Barbara A. Carkenord, PMP, CBAP --International Training Expert and Founder of B2T Training

About the Author

About the Author: Rita Mulcahy is a PMP herself and is considered an international expert in project management. She has written books like PM Crash Course For IT Professionals: Real-World Project Management Tools And Techniques For IT Initiatives and Risk Management Tricks of The Trade For Project Managers and Pmi-Rmp Exam Prep Guide. She is the founder of a firm called RMC Project Management, that provides assistance for project management training and consulting.
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