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PPRS Patient Photo Record System - Medirule II Wound Measuring Device

PPRS Patient Photo Record System - Medirule II Wound Measuring Device

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Overview: PPRS Patient Photo Record System - Medirule II Wound Measuring Device

Patient photo record system also known as PPRS is not a familiar term for many people few years back. But now things have changed a lot and many people are using it now. PPRS is a simple documentation system that can be used for recording wounds in your body. It is capable to provide clear and crisp photos of the wound in your time and thus you can save lots of time and money. Now many companies are manufacturing PPRS devices and among those Medirule II wound measuring devices stands out as the best PPRS device available in the market.

Features of Medirule II Wound Measuring Device

This system consists of a high end digital camera, ink and paper cartridge, printer, memory card, Medirule measuring devices and a guide which explains its functioning. The high end camera is capable to take high quality images of the wound in your body. It is a 16 megapixel camera with 5x optical zoom and a bigger 2.7 inch LCD screen. So watching the wounds in that bigger screen will be crisp and clear.

After taking the photo of the wound you can connect the camera to the printer which prints high quality images of the wound. It is capable to produce big size photos that are of high quality and smudge proof. The benefit of smudge proof photos is that, it will not get damaged easily. You can store it any were and it lasts for more than hundred years which is simply phenomenal when compared to ordinary quality photos.

The printer with provided in this system is light in weight. It means that it do not require huge space for its storage. Also you can carry this printer along with you wherever you go. They are also providing a trial ink cassette and paper. Using this you can print up to 5 photos. So if you want to check any samples, you can use it because we are providing it free of cost.

No Need of Computers, Documents etc

If you have this wound measuring device with you, then there is no need of any computers or paper documents to store the information regarding your wound. You can also keep the record of your family members and friends in it. You can also prepare mementos in it. So by spending a small amount you will make a life time investment on this device.

How a Patient Photo Record System Works?

If any kind of wounds caused in your body, you need to take the photo of that wound by the camera provided along with this system. After taking the picture of the wound you need to connect the camera to the printer of the system. If necessary you can preview the image taken by you in the display screen of the camera. Since it comes with trial paper and ink, you can test it as soon as you buy this device. The printer will give large pictures of the wound in high quality paper which lasts long. The menus of the printer are too simple so that even a small kid can operate it easily.

Along with these devices, you will also get various measuring devices from Medirule. Using these wound measuring devices, you can deeply examine the wounds without any assistance from others. But make sure that you are using all these devices after consulting a physician. Medirule is also providing a complete guide for the users. For those who do not have clear idea about PPRS, wound measuring devices etc can prefer it. All the steps are clearly explained in it.

At you can buy the Medirule II wound measuring device and patient photo record system at the lowest price on internet. Definitely this is a must buy device for all people because they can assess their wounds much easier. So buy this spectacular device right away.


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