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PT-810 Bluetooth 2.0+EDR USB Music Receiver(Black or White)

PT-810 Bluetooth 2.0+EDR USB Music Receiver(Black or White)

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Product Description

Have you ever tried to have a party with your buddies with loud music or low soft music to enjoy without use of wires? Well, it is high time you choose this brand new addition to your list of gadgets. This PT-810 Bluetooth and EDR music receiver is one of a kind. Thus Bluetooth2.0+EDR music receiver is one of the best additions that can help you create music without the use of wires. You can easily upgrade the best music speakers with the Bluetooth speakers within an instant. This is a small yet powerful device that will enable you to get music all around and can be paired easily with any of the Bluetooth enabled devices like your smartphone, android smartphone like Samsung, Apple iPhone, iPad, and computers and even with your laptops and tablets having the Bluetooth feature. This product claims to turn out your normal speakers in to wireless Bluetooth speakers within few second of installation. Since they can be paired with almost any Bluetooth devices, you can pair it up with any smart gadget you have. To get started, you will need some external power for startup. The product works with a frequency of 2.0 MHz and the transmission rate is 2.0 Mbps for a seamless flow of music all around your room. The code of pairing for Bluetooth is the 0000. The best feature of this device is that it is fast and eligible to get paired with devices of any operating system instantly. The product here is of black in color and is basically a Bluetooth 2.0+EDR supporter. To get seamless running or music without any glitches, you need to be anywhere within the distance of 10 meters maximum. This will help transfer the signals properly without any hindrance from your device to the speakers. Here you are about to get only retail selling of the product since limited stocks are available. To enjoy having a nice music background without hassles of wires, choose this Bluetooth device from PT to have music received. The depth of this device is provided to be 10 mm and the width is 20.9 mm. the product features a light weight of 6gm and the height 41 mm. the positive reviews of this product will be helpful for your to get the product at the best price form junglee. Upgrading your normal speaker is no more a hectic job, just buy this device and have a strong power supply of USB 5V that have a good transmission rate. With the model number FT13110, buy this awesome new device that will help you play your favorite song and forget your CD and the old audio cassettes. It is the best way to get your stereo speakers transformed in the Bluetooth enable devices with stereo system and speakers.

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Whether you want to buy this or want to gift this product, it can provide to the best gadgets for gadgets and music lover at such low price. Get the best and original product only from which will keep your budget satisfied. brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Features

  • Working frequency: 2.0MHz
  • To upgrade the normal speaker to wireless Bluetooth speaker in an instant
  • Power Supply USB 5V
  • Transmission rate: 2.0Mbps
  • Can be paired to any Bluetooth enabled devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung smart phone, PC computers, laptops, tablets
Product Details
Manufacturer HKASIA
Brand Tiny Deal
Model Number FT13110

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Overall Rating 3.3 out of 5 stars
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