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Language English
Contributor(s) DEEP TRIVEDI
Binding Hardcover
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The Pulse of Wisdom is a philosophical book written with particular emphasis on Asian schools of thought. The book touches upon various philosophies developed in China, India and Japan and discusses a wide range of topics including ontology, metaphysics and epistemology. The book is designed to help readers understand the basic concepts and then to move on to more advanced topics. The book is written in a clear, easy to understand language.

The Pulse of Wisdom is written by Michael Brannigan, who has written several other books on the topic. His best selling works include Ethics Across Cultures with PowerWeb: Ethics, Striking a Balance: A Primer in Traditional Asian Values and Cultural Fault Lines in Healthcare: Reflections on Cultural Competency. The writer has complete authority of the subject and this is clearly visible throughout the book. The ideas flow neatly and smoothly throughout the book. The book will appeal to even the readers new to philosophical discussions and discourse.

The Pulse of Wisdom discusses basic as well as advanced topics related to Metaphysics and philosophy. The book introduces various schools of thoughts and discusses the leading figures in the Eastern philosophies. It also offers simple descriptions and clarifications for various concepts. It also combines Eastern thoughts with global thoughts and makes them more accessible. The book is organised in an intuitive manner and is easy to understand. Various philosophies are defined in this book and then these philosophies are combined for the better understanding of the underlying concepts. The language is also lucid and makes the concepts clearer. The book answers many questions which readers may have about Eastern philosophies and studies their impact on global thoughts. To get this book, you can place the order online. This paperback book is listed with the ISBN 10 number of 0534551270 and ISBN 13 number of 9780534551278.


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Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2012
Contributor(s) DEEP TRIVEDI
Binding Hardcover
Edition First
Page Count 156
ISBN 10 8192669009
ISBN 13 9788192669007
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